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Gordon Gino & Fred: American Road Trip

  • Episode:

    3 of 4

  • Title:

    Summer of Love

  • Transmission (TX):

    Thu 16 Apr 2020

  • TX Confirmed


  • Time

    9.00pm - 10.00pm

  • Week:

    Week 16 2020 : Sat 11 Apr - Fri 17 Apr

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  • Published:

    Wed 01 Apr 2020

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Series overview

With a BAFTA-nomination and TV Choice Award under their belts following series one last year, Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix are back and this time their RV is hitting the highways of Mexico and the USA for their most outrageous road trip yet.
Taking in the sights and culinary delights of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Texas and Tijuana, the trio’s antics will include wallet-busting burgers, dune buggy racing, goat yoga, spear fishing, cowboy capers, fine wines and wild wrestling. What could possibly go wrong?
Featuring extreme adventures, sumptuous feasts and their own distinctive brand of bickering and ego-bashing, this is food on tour like never before. And with all three amigos battling it out to be king of the kitchen as well as king of the road, prepare for more bad behaviour, banter and bromance than ever before.

Produced by Studio Ramsay for ITV

Episode 3: Summer of Love

In episode three, the guys head to the free-spirited and trendsetting capital of the United States - San Francisco, in search of a Summer of Love.

Gordon says: “San Francisco is one of the hottest spots anywhere on the planet culinary-wise. It has a cluster of 61 Michelin star restaurants. This bay is unique because it holds this incredible oasis of seafood, that literally supplies the rest of the country.”

Gino is behind the wheel of the RV but after a couple of very near misses on the famously steep streets, Gordon is not happy. Defensive Gino tells him: “Just because you’re the king of the kitchen doesn’t mean you are the king of the road.”

Gino’s first activity of choice is to sample the latest local trends of using cannabis in cooking, which was legalised in California in 2018. Despite Gordon’s reservations, Gino and Fred try a classic hippy high afternoon tea, sampling cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches all laced with cannabis.

Gordon tells Gino: “It’s hard to understand from a chef’s point of view because it’s not improving the flavour…I get high on perfection, you get high on leaves.”

Unsurprisingly, Gino overindulges and chaos ensues, especially when the next activity on the agenda is a session of Goat Yoga. In the spirit of San Francisco, Gino and Fred have chosen revealing lycra outfits to take part and the instructor explains they need to go on all fours so that the goats can climb on their backs….

The next day Fred is behind the wheel for an early morning drive north to the Pacific coast, in search of some shellfish. Gordon and Fred use spades to dig for fresh clams on the beach, while grumpy about the early start - Gino opts to make the coffee instead.

Gordon takes revenge by pranking Gino with a fake paddle board race, claiming they are close to the famous Alcatraz prison.

Afterwards they cook up a lunch of local specialty seafood stew on the beach with the help of legendary local fish suppliers and seafood experts, the Paladinis. Gino takes issue with their American take on using classic Italian ingredients, including cooking with onions and garlic mixed together. But he’s met his match with Joan Paladini who tells him: “Well, this is America honey…I’m 83-years old and I’ve been cooking since before you were born!”

Gino’s mood isn’t improved by the discovery that the clams they all got up at 5am to search for, can’t be used for the recipe…

The next day it’s Fred’s turn to lead the way as the boys travel to a vineyard in Napa Valley, by hot air balloon.

Napa has the perfect climate for wine growing. Fred explains: “I wanted to show you the Napa Valley from up above., look how beautiful it is, how manicured it is…Most of the vineyards are family owned.”

But the spectacular views are wasted on Gino who, terrified of heights, cowers in the basket too afraid to look down. 

At the vineyard, they taste some vintage Chardonnays and Gordon is impressed: “Who on earth would have said three decades ago that America is now producing some of the best wine on the planet?”

After bedding down in the RV for the night, the following day the lads head back into San Francisco to visit Chinatown, one of the oldest ones outside of China. As luck would have it, they discover it is the Autumn Moon Festival with some stunning parades and celebrations underway.

They visit a local factory, which makes 20,000 fortune cookies per day and competitive as ever, the boys decide a competition is in order. As they battle to see who can make the most fortune cookies in 60 seconds, Gordon says: “It’s the first time Gino’s fingers have done any work.”

Later, the guys end their time in San Fran on a high, by joining a local family for an amazing Autumn Moon feast of crabmeat wontons and fresh red snapper, which Gordon and Gino cook together while Fred works his charm on their hosts. 

They toast the occasion with a shot of special Chinese whisky, which turns out to have an unexpected and less than appetizing hidden ingredient…