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Scott & Bailey

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    3 of 8

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    Wed 17 Apr 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 16 2013 : Sat 13 Apr - Fri 19 Apr
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Scott and Bailey investigate a murder that has all the hallmarks of a domestic. And as Rachel’s (Suranne Jones) infidelity nearly catches her out, Janet (Lesley Sharp) asks Dorothy (Judith Barker) to move in with her.
Full episode synopsis:
Married life gets no easier for Rachel (Suranne Jones), and as she tries to forget her regrettable one-night stand, the ‘talentless plank’ rings her on her mobile, asking for Suzie. Which would be fine if it weren’t for Sean (Sean Maguire) taking the call. Unsuspecting at first, Sean soon becomes troubled by who the caller might have been. 
Piqued by Ade’s (Tony Pitts) blossoming love life, Janet (Lesley Sharp) forces an argument that sees him moving in with his girlfriend permanently. And knowing that she doesn’t want to sell the house, Janet asks Dorothy (Judith Barker) if she would buy Ade out and move in with her. It seems like the perfect solution. But does Janet really want to be living with her mother at her age? 
Gill’s son Sammy has announced his engagement to girlfriend Orla. And whilst Gill thinks Orla is wonderful, her own experience of marriage and the fact that Sammy is only 19 does make her a little uneasy.
The story of the week sees married man Eddie brutally murdered at home while his wife is away for the weekend. With all the hallmarks of a domestic, and son Daniel (Josh Bolt) in the frame, the case seems quite straightforward. But Eddie had a whole other life going on that made him vulnerable to exploitation.
Cast list:
Syndicate 9
D.C. Rachel Bailey   Suranne Jones 
D.C. Janet Scott   Lesley Sharp 
D.C.I. Gill Murray   Amelia Bullmore 
D.C. Kevin Lumb   Ben Batt 
D.C. Ian Mitchell   David Prosho 
D.C. Pete Readyough   Tony Mooney
D.C. Lee Broadhurst   Delroy Brown 
Episode 3
P.C. Sean McCartney   Sean Maguire
Adrian Scott   Tony Pitts
Dorothy Parsons   Judith Barker
Daniel Gallagher   Josh Bolt
Sarah Gallagher   Clare Holman
Tamsin Henshall   Keelie-Jade Grindley
Tanya Henshall   Zeriozha Annika
Andy Ibbotson   Ben Smith
Scary Mary Jackson   Judy Holt
Elise Scott   Olivia Rose Smith
Taisie Scott   Harriet Waters