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Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai

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    3 of 6

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    Wed 13 May 2020

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    8.00pm - 8.30pm

  • Week:

    Week 20 2020 : Sat 09 May - Fri 15 May

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  • Published:

    Tue 28 Apr 2020

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Series overview

The Thomas Brothers have been entertaining viewers for 20 years on some of the UK’s most popular TV shows. This new six-part series sees the celebrity siblings like we’ve never seen them before, as they embark on a trip of a lifetime to explore their Indian heritage. 

Joined by father Dougie, a music promoter and lead singer of 70s band Dougie James and the Soul Train, the Thomas Brothers head on the ultimate journey of discovery, exploring their Indian roots in the hope of seeking out long lost relatives.  Along the way, the family will provide their distinctive take on this colourful country bringing their brotherly warmth and affection along with their infectious humour.  

Leaving life in Manchester behind, the boys experience all that India has to offer, from the iconic sights of Mumbai to the glorious beaches of Goa. As the lads immerse themselves in the culture of a country that plays a huge part in their family history, viewers also get an insight into the boy’s undeniable bond as brothers. 

Episode 3

Adam, Ryan and Scott Thomas continue on their trip of a lifetime alongside dad Dougie, exploring their Indian heritage, whilst attempting to discover more about their beloved grandfather Nolan Thomas who emigrated from Mumbai to the UK in 1947.

On this week’s show, emotions are running high as Dougie is introduced to his first cousin Darryl for the very first time, the family sample the local dancing and get the full Slumdog Millionaire experience in one the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. 

Before the family embark on the new chapter of their journey they opt for a good hearty breakfast to start their day, however in a country where the food is like their weather and is hot, hot, hot the brothers get more than they bargained for when they sampled a typical Indian style breakfast of bean sprouts and spicy curry. 

Ryan jokes, “where are the beans and bacon?”   As Ryan attempts to sample the dish, Adam quips that it’s like a ‘Bushtucker trial’.  

However, a message from their newly found cousin, Keshia delivers some shocking news as they find out that their cousin Darryl, whose father was grandad Nolan’s brother, would love to meet them and invites them to his home in Mumbai. 

Thrilled at the chance to meet Darryl and also find out more about their beloved Grandad Nolan and his brother Douglas, the family head out of the city centre and into the suburbs of Mumbai to meet their long lost relative.  As they attempt to experience all that India has to offer, the family opt to travel on India’s most popular mode of transport, a Tuk Tuk.   Although with over 250,000 of these alone on the roads, the journey proves to be a hair-raising experience for the brothers. 

Before they head to meet Darryl the Thomas’ have been told that it's customary to bring a gift when invited into someone’s home so they take a slight detour to the shops.  However, unsure of what to buy a relative they have never met the brothers opt for the local stalls whilst dad Dougie has other ideas and heads to another part of the town in search of the perfect gift. 

Ryan jokes, “The problem is we’re not in the Trafford Centre here…It’s easier to buy a present on Deansgate (in Manchester)."

Armed with their offerings, the family finally get a step closer to finding out more about Nolan and his early years in India.  It doesn't take long before the emotions are running high for the family as Darryl is shown a picture of his uncle Nolan for the very first time.  It’s been 73 years since Nolan said goodbye to his brother Douglas and left India, never to return and now the brothers’ sons finally get the chance to meet each other. 

Adam admits: “It’s quite overwhelming to see how happy you are dad.  This is as close as we’re going to get to our grandad.” 

A visibly emotional Adam continues, “I feel like we’re just putting the pieces back together for my dad.  Seeing how happy he is, it means so much.” 

Dad Dougie reveals:   "That was brilliant.  It was like meeting my uncle Douglas really.  I felt as though the circle was complete."  

The new relatives opt to continue their reunion, with Darryl inviting the family to join him at a popular nightclub.  It’s not long before the brothers hit the dance floor showcasing their unique moves much to the amusement of dad Dougie. 

With the family letting their hair down and enjoying their time together, the brothers joke that they’ll “put dad Dougie to bed and head back out on the town.”

Whilst exploring India, the brothers delve into a Hollywood legacy as they visit a nearby area of Mumbai where the Hollywood blockbuster, Slumdog Millionaire was filmed.  It’s also home to a popular drama school for the local children, which has been running for over 30 years and where children were cast for the film.   Whilst there, the kids give the brothers a lesson in traditional Bollywood dancing. 

Adam: “It’s unbelievable, if someone would have told me a couple of weeks ago I would be Bollywood dancing in the streets I would have laughed.  No wonder they call it the city of dreams, look at this place.”   

Ryan adds, “What’s so important about this place, they’ve always got a smile on their face.   They remind me of my little girl back home.   It’s been really special for us.” 

He continues, “If you asked people in Manchester to come out and on the street and start dancing they’d shut the door on you!”  

As their experience continues to provide the brothers with new relatives and a new found love for the place grandad Nolan called home, what lies in store for the family on this extraordinary journey of a lifetime.