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On Assignment
ITV’s award-winning international current affairs series On Assignment returns with more revealing stories from around the world, fronted by Rageh Omaar.
More than one million tourists are expected to visit the ancient Croatian city of Dubrovnik this year - making it one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Europe. Some come for the beaches and the culture, others to seek out the breath-taking sets from blockbuster Game of Thrones. But Paul Davies remembers a very different Dubrovnik, a city caught-up in one of the most violent assaults of the Croatian War of Independence. In 1991, Paul reported from the city when it was under siege, attacked from land, air and sea in a heavily uneven battle.
Nearly 30 years on Paul returns to Dubrovnik. He’s reunited with those he worked with during the bombardment and the friends he made consequently. He meets the daughters of a waiter turned fighter, a man who was killed just hours after Paul interviewed him in a hillside fort. And Paul examines the lasting impact of the battle on the next generation -- school children born in an independent Croatia. Paul returns to find Dubrovnik reborn but now under siege of a different kind – the tourist invasion that, in part fuelled by the popularity of Game of Thrones could see a major change in this historic city. The local mayor talks to On Assignment about the measures he is taking to redress the balance.
Green Bank, West Virginia is just a four-hour drive from Washington DC. But when it comes to technology, the distance from America’s bustling capital city could be light years. This simple, unassuming town has no phone or radio signal, and barely any Wifi; it’s part of the ‘National Radio Quiet Zone’, an area designated to facilitate scientific research and military intelligence.
Emma Murphy travels to this rural outpost to discover what life is like off-the-grid and finds that for some locals, it’s proving a safe haven from modern technology. At the local bingo night she discovers how parents enjoy bringing their children up in Greenbank. And later she meets residents suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, a once ridiculed but recently recognised medical condition, who have come to Green Bank to find solace from the nausea, headaches, palpitations, fatigue and rashes which plague them. But Emma discovers that even here, mobile technology is gaining a foothold. Can Green Bank remain a refuge from constant connectivity, in the heart of one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world?
Death is an unavoidable aspect of life and yet, in Britain, it’s rarely something we plan for. In Sweden, however, this final taboo is being brought into the open – citizens are encouraged to prepare financially and practically for what happens when they are gone.
Penny Marshall visits Gothenberg to see first-hand how a mandatory funeral tax means families don’t have to worry about the financial burden of burying their loved ones – the state covers all the basics. And at a ‘death café’ in Stockholm, where participants chat about grief and dying over coffee, Penny learns about the uniquely Swedish phenomenon of ‘death cleaning’ -- the process of de-cluttering before you die, rather than leaving it up to your loved ones to do after you’re gone.