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Her Majesty's Cavalry

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    Tue 18 Jun 2019

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    Week 25 2019 : Sat 15 Jun - Fri 21 Jun

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    Wed 05 Jun 2019

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Series overview


This six-part-series follows the oldest and most recognisable regiment of the British Army, The Household Cavalry, in a year of dramatic change. From riding horses at the Royal Wedding, to riding tanks across the Middle East, our cameras were allowed inside to see what life is really like for the soldiers, from the newest recruits to the most decorated officers. 


Episode 3


In this episode we swap the cold London barracks, for the deserts of the Middle East, as the armoured side of the regiment head out on manoeuvres to Oman. The Household Cavalry are there as part of the largest expeditionary exercise the British Army has been involved in for 16 years. Through the infiltrating heat, they need to demonstrate their fighting capabilities. 


Back in England, the most skilled riders of the regiment are rehearsing for the Musical Ride at the Royal Windsor Horseshow. They will perform unbelievable moves on top of their horses in front of a huge crowd, and the Queen herself. The new recruits are hoping to pass out of riding school to move onto the next stage of training, while we see behind the scenes of the regiment’s forge, where the Farriers are in charge of keeping the horses’ shoes in toe.