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Johnny Kingdom’s Wild Exmoor

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    Mon 15 Jun 2015
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 25 2015 : Sat 13 Jun - Fri 19 Jun
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It's now autumn and Johnny Kingdom’s favourite time of year - the rut, the red deer's mating season. He's determined to capture as much of the action as he can and begins by filming a magnificent stag with a herd of females on his friend Colin’s farm. 
Then it's off to the seaside town of Minehead to announce the winner of the Exmoor Flag Competition. The competition was launched to mark the 60th anniversary of the National Park. Johnny was one of the judges and today he's going to meet the winner, Jenny Stevens. 
However Johnny won’t be distracted for long, from looking for red deer and when he comes across another herd with a large old stag, he gets some great shots of it roaring and fighting off a rival male. 
Autumn on Exmoor hosts some of the strangest sounds you’ll hear and it’s not just the red deer, it’s the people too. Charity competitions are held to see who can sound most like a stag – it’s called ‘bolving’. Johnny joins in but as he himself admits, he's rubbish at it! 
As autumn draws to a close it’s time for one of Exmoor’s biggest events - the annual pony round-up. Johnny joins farmer Rex Milton as they bring in the herd to check their condition and take some of the youngsters off the moor. Later, they will be sold to raise money for the upkeep of the herd and maintain numbers at a manageable level. 
And now it's peak time in the rutting season and at last Johnny manages to get the shot he wanted - a male mating with a female. As Johnny says, “well done Mr. Stag!”.