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    Thu 13 Aug 2015
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    Week 33 2015 : Sat 08 Aug - Fri 14 Aug
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Episode 3
Hosted by Gabby Logan, ‘Flockstars’ sees eight famous faces paired up with their very own professional border collie to compete in a series of sheepdog trials testing skill, technique and discipline in a bid to win the coveted Flockstars' shield.
In the third episode of this knockout competition, the opening heats continue with two more Flockstars.  Along with their four-legged friends, they enter the Flockstars’ 
showground, attempting to guide a flock of sheep around the trialling course in the quickest time and qualify for the next round.
Stepping up to the plate this week are acclaimed actress and Coronation Street legend Wendi Peters alongside sheepdog Bill who go head-to-head with ten-time Paralympic Gold medallist Lee Pearson and his dog Skye.
As training gets underway for Wendi, she struggles to form a bond with Bill and as the weeks pass, uses every trick in the book to get him onside. It is a case of one step forward and three steps back for the Corrie legend. 
Wendi explains: “Just when you think you’ve got it and you’ve cracked the voice, everything goes horrible wrong.” 
Sensing Wendi’s lack of confidence, Bill often does things his own way and Wendi’s frustration only makes matters worse, when she loses her patience and flops her arms around, she causes her own problems. But in the last few days of training, Bill and Wendi finally start to click. 
Wendi says: “There’s a lot to think about. If I can get those sheep over the bridge, I will be thrilled.”
Paralympic legend Lee Pearson might have won 100 gold medals on the back of a horse but working one-on-one with a sheepdog is a completely different proposition for him. 
Using his very loud voice and shouting commands to his dog Skye doesn’t seem to be doing the trick for Lee, much to his annoyance:
“I’ve got a really big mouth so if he doesn’t do as he’s told, I will probably deafen people within half a mile!”
After weeks of training, Lee starts to tone it down and Skye begins responding better to a calm voice. 
For their first round challenge in the Flockstars showground, Wendi and Lee face up to testing obstacles including the Wooden Bridge and Topiary Corner, vying to be the fastest one to get their flock of sheep successfully around the course and inside the pen. 
Will Lee be pitch perfect on the night and will Wendi’s rover return with her flock?