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The Big Reunion: On Tour

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    Thu 19 Sep 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 38 2013 : Sat 14 Sep - Fri 20 Sep
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    Last in series
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It’s almost the end of the line for the bands as they hit the half way mark on their 14-date UK tour, and they’re enjoying every single night before it’s over.
Our cameras continue to follow Five, Blue, B*Witched, Liberty X, 911, The Honeyz and Atomic Kitten as they burn the candle at both ends. 
This episode sees bedroom shenanigans, busking on the street, die-hard fans, and a couple of band members reveal a little more than they intended. 
The morning after a heavy night, 911’s Lee Brennan heads into fellow band mate Spike’s hotel room to find he has company under the bed covers. The laughs don’t last long for Lee however, as he realises he’s locked himself out of his own hotel room and is left wandering the corridors in just his underwear.
After heading to reception for a spare key, Lee says, “I panicked for a second thinking, 'I can’t believe I’m doing this in my undies!' I’m back in the lift, head in hands, thinking, 'Did that just happen?'”
Half way through the tour, when the gig hits Bournemouth, there’s a wardrobe crisis live on stage as Jessica from Liberty X’s cat suit bursts open revealing her bum. Jess says, “I start the first verse… All I felt, was just cold air… on my bum. I’m thinking, ‘What am I going to do? I can’t turn round, I can’t move, I can’t actually go anywhere or do anything because my arse is out.' I waited for Kelli to get my attention and I’m like, “Kelli, you’re gonna have to sing my lines, my cat suit’s split.'” 
Kelli Young says, “I turn around and I just see the fear of god in Jessica’s eyes.”
The gigs are proving to be a huge success and each of the bands is starting to adjust to life on tour – in fact some of the band members don’t want it to end. There are others though, who would rather make this their farewell tour.
The tour reaches some of the bands' most momentous gigs including Richie from Five’s home town of Birmingham, and Dublin where B*witched and Tony from Liberty X play to their native audience. The tour also hits the 02 – one of the largest arenas in Europe, where none of the bands have ever played before, turning everyone’s excitement to nerves.
As the tour reaches its final days, the bands reflect on what their reunions have meant for them, and what the future holds.