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The Guilty

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    3 of 3

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    Thu 19 Sep 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 38 2013 : Sat 14 Sep - Fri 20 Sep
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    Last in series
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Episode three:
Under pressure to charge her prime suspect, Maggie’s still not convinced they’ve found the killer. However, she’s taken aback to discover that her stalker had close links to the Reid family. 
Meanwhile, Theresa’s return pushes Claire and Daniel’s marriage to breaking point and Luke is shaken by the reappearance of a teenage neighbour, who seems intent on making amends for the past. 
As pressure grows to go public with the arrest, Maggie finds herself increasingly isolated at work and home as she confronts the reality that her son isn’t like the other children in his class. 
When her suspect reveals information that only the killer could have known, Maggie has no choice but to charge them. But when a conflicted Teresa reignites Maggie’s suspicions about Daniel, Maggie begins to piece together Callum’s final hours, finding her instinct as a mother at war with her desire to solve the crime, as she comes to understand that that death isn’t always the hardest loss to bear.
Then a brutal death effectively closes the case and Maggie faces a stark choice – will she protect her career or expose the truth?
As the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place, we finally learn how and why Callum Reid died and how a terrible misunderstanding spiraled into a lie that destroyed a whole community. 
Series overview:
Lives are torn apart when a young child goes missing in new three-part drama The Guilty.
The Guilty is set across two timelines – 2008 and present day – and tells the story of DC Maggie Brand (Tamsin Greig - Episodes, Friday Night Dinner), who investigates the disappearance of little Callum Reid whilst coping with her own young son’s diagnosis with autism.
Following an annual neighbourhood barbecue, Claire and Daniel Reid frantically search for Callum when they awake to find him missing. Katherine Kelly (Mr Selfridge, Coronation Street) and Darren Boyd (Case Sensitive, Dirk Gently) play the young couple living in hope that their son will one day be found.  
Five years on, Arcadian Gardens is a very different place. An address synonymous with tragedy. The grief-stricken parents and their neighbours lives were torn apart by the events of that weekend, not least that of Callum’s big brother, Luke.
Then, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of his disappearance, Callum’s body is discovered, buried only yards from his own front door. And the nightmare begins all over again.
DCI Maggie Brand leads the new investigation. Pregnant when Callum went missing, debilitating morning sickness had forced her to step down from the original investigation. Her son, Sam, was born only a few months after Callum disappeared. Now he’s starting school and Maggie has to deal with her own feelings of loss, as she confronts the reality that her little boy is very different to the other children in his class. Driven by her obsession to discover what happened to Callum, Maggie leaves no stone unturned in piecing together the events of that fateful night.