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Show 3 - update
PAUL HOLLYWOOD and NOEL FIELDING discuss Mary Berry’s reaction to the new Bake Off, the excruciating scenes they hate filming and why this year’s final is the best yet. 
TARON EGERTON talks fighting with Channing Tatum as he confirms he will play Elton John in an upcoming musical. 
JEFF BRIDGES and JULIANNE MOORE hint at more The Big Lebowski. 
CRAIG DAVID performs his new single Heartline
The Jonathan Ross Show returns tonight at 9.15pm on ITV and Jonathan will be joined by The Great British Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood and Noel Fielding, stars of spy comedy sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle Taron Egerton, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. Plus, singer Craig David performs his new single Heartline. 
With the new series of The Great British Bake Off underway on Channel 4, returning judge Paul Hollywood and new co-host Noel Fielding joined Jonathan to discuss the latest antics in the tent.  
On auditioning to join GBBO, alongside Sandi Toksvig, Noel said: “I had to do a sort of little chemistry test with Sandi. We just knew immediately we loved each other - straight away. We made love immediately. And she’s a lesbian so it’s quite something. And I’m a lesbian so it was just ridiculous.”
Paul admitted the craze for Noel’s iconic series The Mighty Boosh passed him by, but says he is now a fan. He explained: “I sort of missed The Mighty Boosh. I’d heard of it, obviously. We met at a photo shoot just outside London and I went back and I watched a couple of The Mighty Boosh and actually I really loved it. It was one of those things, it did miss me. I was slightly too old for it. [Noel’s] cool. The funniest thing is my lad came to set, he’s been to all the Bake Offs, he was more excited about coming this year to meet Noel because Noel’s cool he said. That’s it, he’s cool.”
Paul said he’s been in touch with his former Bake Off co-star Mary Berry since the new series launched. He said: “We’ve swapped texts and emails occasionally. We were meant to meet, I was at Chatsworth a couple of weeks ago doing a demonstration, Mary was doing, I think the Saturday or the Sunday, and I was doing the day before and we just missed each other by about half an hour. We do sort of text and email each other.”
Of whether she’s commented on the show itself, Paul said: “Not directly, she just said Prue’s [new co-judge Prue Leith] brilliant, look after her. I said absolutely, course I will.”
Noel admits he found announcing the baker that’s leaving the competition very uncomfortable. He explained: “That’s absolutely excruciating that bit. It’s awful. You know what, that gap is just so the cameras can get shots of everyone’s faces, they’re not just literally leaving you hanging. But it feels like a lifetime. It’s awful. That gap is so long and you’re just looking at their little faces and you’re thinking I might just run away.
“[The gap feels] about a month and a half sometimes […] it’s difficult, Sandi gets quite upset. I’m quite cold inside. I’m already dead, so there’s only a certain amount of emotion I can spew out.”
Teasing more GBBO, Paul said: “We’re doing a couple of specials at the moment, which is great fun.”
And of knowing the winner already, and having to keep it a secret, Noel said: “Yes, it’s horrible. I have to gaffer tape my head shut […] I always almost just want to blurt it out!”
But Paul’s not dishing, even to his closest family. He admitted: “My mother phones me up and says, ‘Come on, tell me!’ and I say, ‘No, I’m not going to tell you’.”
As Jonathan tried to tease it out of him, Paul insisted: “Come on, my own mother doesn’t know!”
Of what’s still to come in the series, Paul teased: “I think actually the final this year was the best tasting final we’ve ever had. It is amazing. We all got emotional.”
Noel added: “We did. We sailed away on a sea of tears, like The Owl and the Pussycat.” 
Joining the show to discuss upcoming spy comedy sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle was Taron Egerton, Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges. 
Taron admitted that fighting new co-star Channing Tatum was tougher than expected: “Don’t fight Channing Tatum... that guy is strong as an ox. I sort of thought, that guy can dance, he’s going to be very gentle... not at all. The amount of bruises I left that week with. But it makes for a good fight scene, I think.”
Sir Elton John has also joined the cast list. Julianne said of working with the music legend: “He has a big part, yeah! I have a lot [of scenes] with him. It was amazing, really amazing. He’s so good in the movie. He’s such a wonderful person, he was excited to be there and had a good time acting and stuff.”
Confirming he sings in the movie, Julianne said: “He sang songs all day long, people couldn’t believe it!”
Jeff revealed: “I went on tour with Elton… check this out, I’m going to list some of these out: it was with Leon Russell, Elton John, Elvis Costello… [it was] a couple of years ago. T Bone Burnett took us out, a wonderful tour. The Punch Brothers… it goes on, it was wonderful.
“I have [played with Bob Dylan]. I did a bizarre movie called Masked and Anonymous, which he wrote with Larry Charles, creator of Seinfeld. I was kind of the senior thesp actor on the film and Larry said, ‘Why don’t you hang out with Bob and go through some acting stuff with Bob?’ So I spent half a day jamming with Bob, playing like kids. That’s basically what we do, advance pretend. One day he knocked on my door and said, ‘Hey do you want to play?’ I had a wonderful time.”
And while discussing Elton, Taron confirmed he will play the superstar singer in a musical. He revealed: “I am indeed, I’m going to be playing Elton John in a musical. I’m really excited to talk about it. It’s something that I’ve been so, so excited about. Elton’s production company and Matthew Vaughn’s production company – who made Kingsman – are planning a musical, fantasy, not quite biopic, about the early years of Elton John. It’s going to feature his songs and I’m going to do the old acting and singing.”
As the guests, and Jonathan, donned Elton-inspired glasses, he added: “As far as I’m aware the plan is that it will be the world’s first R-rated musical. It’s going to be very unabashed in its depiction of him I think.”
Speaking of one of his most famous parts, Jeff said he still loves watching The Big Lebowski: “I’ll be watching TV at home, I’m a kind of clicker guy, [it’ll be on and] I’ll say I’ll watch until Turturro licks the ball, but then I get hooked. The Coen brothers, they’re masters.”
Of how many times he’s seen it, Jeff said: “Man, 20… I don’t know. A lot. I love that movie, I’m so happy to be a part of it. The Dude abides.”
Speaking of whether there’ll ever be more, Jeff said: “It’s kind of set up. Maude, I’ve impregnated Maude… The Little Lebowski. It’s all set up!”