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Ibiza Weekender

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    Sun 20 Jan 2019

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    9.00pm - 10.00pm

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    Week 04 2019 : Sat 19 Jan - Fri 25 Jan

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    Tue 08 Jan 2019

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Ibiza Weekender


With the destination hotspot of Ibiza ever popular, the series will follow familiar rep faces David, Jordan and Callum along with some new talent, including a very charming work experience boy, Savvas.


This season, Head Rep David’s clamping down on the clan; Jordan’s determined not to fall in love; and Callum’s looking for the girl of his dreams. There’s a trio of new girls to kick off the season in style, but will any of them win El Jefe’s respect and Jordan and Callum’s affection?


With a fixed rig capturing the heady combination of sun, freedom, friendship and romance across a season, the Weekender brand is a candid reality show with soap style storylines. 


Episode 3


There’s a naughty secret in the hotel this weekend. After sharing a kiss behind everyone’s back last week, Jordan and Chloe have decided to brush the truth under the carpet and try to move on. Jordan is now focussed on taking his relationship with Isobel to the next level, while Callum and Chloe are trying to work out just what their relationship is and where it’s going.

Trainee Savvas has got two of his repping badges.  He’s allowed to talk to the guests, can go on the nights out but still can’t drink, while Tash has been rep of the week twice now but still hasn’t found anyone who really takes her fancy. Plus there is a new arrival in the hotel this week. Big boss, El Grande Jefe has sent David a Segway, or the El Jefe 3000 long distance traveller.  Just what the busy head rep needs to keep track of his misbehaving reps. However Isobel is on her best behaviour and with Jordan promising not to distract her she leads a great night out at a paint party, probably helped by the big crush that the boy guests have on her.
In an eventful final night to the weekend Jordan and Isobel stay home and finally have sex. Not to be outdone Callum and Chloe do the same when they get back to the hotel. Though getting closer to Callum causes Chloe’s guilty conscience to start to itch.
After good weekend in which Savvas has helped lead the day out and kissed both guests in the pool, he is finally awarded his third badge. Still can’t lose that tabard though, and it’s focussed Isobel who wins rep of the week. Finally, as the reps prepare for the arrival of their next set of guests Chloe drops a bombshell on Jordan; she’s going to tell Callum what she and Jordan got up to last week.