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    Sat 18 Jan 2014
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    Week 04 2014 : Sat 18 Jan - Fri 24 Jan
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    Fri 17 Jan 2014
- Russell Brand on his love for Jemima Khan, his decision to air his political views, being the happiest he’s ever been and why he wouldn’t want to be Dr Who.
- Dermot O’Leary on feeling like the fifth Beatle, Simon Cowell being a dad, his views on Russell Brand moving into politics and losing out to Ant and Dec each year at the NTA.
Linda Robson on the success of Birds of a Feather, calling the BBC back in 1989 pretending to be a viewer praising the show and trying it on with Martin and Gary Kemp.
James Blunt on people taking a dislike to him and Prince Harry calling him sir.
Russell Brand
Russell talked openly about being in love with his girlfriend Jemima Khan.
"I'm very, very happy in a relationship that feels very different from anything I’ve experience before,” said Russell.  “I feel like its grounded in friendship and a sort of love and it’s all well cool and exciting and stuff, but it feels different for me,” he explained.  “She’s a gorgeous, beautiful woman.  I’m still superficial.  I’ll still only go out with top crumpet,” he joked.
Jemima has a beautiful white Alsatian dog called Brain who Russell brought with him on the show. 
“Brian’s Jemima, my girlfriend’s dog.  I love him so much,” said Russell.
Jonathan jokingly asked Russell what would happen, in terms of custody of Brian, if Russell and Jemima spit up.
“Don’t say that mate, I really love her.  That would hurt my little heart,” said Russell.  “I'm going to be really kind in this relationship,” he told Jonathan.  “I haven't been out there trying to nail everyone."  
Talking about his newfound happiness, Russell told Jonathan, “I’ve been meditating and thinking about spiritual stuff and I feel very, very relaxed now.  As a result of that I think I’ve magnetised more positive things towards me.”
Russell Brand is known for acting, presenting and singing but more recently, following his appearance on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman, he has began to air his views on matters such as global politics, capitalism and the state of the world.
“I’ve got these heartfelt views, they’re spiritually derived as opposed to politically.  I started shouting my mouth off about it, whilst on Pac Man (Russell’s nickname for Paxman).  All of a sudden I’m getting taken seriously and I’m going to ride this sh*t out,” said Russell.
Russell has decided he wants to make it clear he's against all forms of division or judgement.  
"I'm always getting into trouble when I don't mean to and I’m just trying to be nice, or funny or something.  So, I think now use it to create trouble that will help others,” said Russell. 
Jonathan could tell that Russell is in a good a place in his life, and he told him so.
“This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my human life,” said Russell.
Jonathan said: “Are you a believer in reincarnation?”
Russell answered: “Not necessarily reincarnation, I don’t know the system.  I just believe we’re all interconnected and that our consciousness is all connected to one another.  Concentrate on that, not the divisions and we’ll get along better.”
Jonathan said: “I don’t know the system.”
Russell said: “The system for generating new life?  It’s too hard to know.”
Jonathan joked: “Have you not seen Dr Who?”
Russell said: “Why am I not Dr Who?  That doesn’t seem fair, does it?  You can’t be everything, can you?”
Jonathan said: “You wouldn’t want to be Dr Who would you?”
Russell answered: “No, not now, I’ve decided to do things that have an impact on people’s lives.”
Dermot O'Leary
As Jonathan chatted to The X Factor host Dermot O’Leary, he showed Dermot a picture of the four judges.
“You always show pictures of the four of them, like I’m somehow not involved.  I always feel like Pete Best when you show that,” said Dermot.
“Because you are the Pete Best of The X Factor.  You’re not part of the judging panel,” said Jonathan.
“Yeah, I know.  I always used to get asked, ‘Would you like to be a judge?’ and to start with I thought, ‘Yeah, I’d love to be a judge’, but in actual fact I wouldn’t want to be a judge.  I love doing the gig I’m doing,” said Dermot.
“If that show is what it purports to be, that people can just come from nowhere, like Sam Bailey did, she’s a prison officer and now hopefully she can have a great singing career, then you have to get experts on the panel.  You can’t have jokers on there like me.  I’d put everyone through.  I’d hug them, then put them through, so idiots would be in the final if I had my way.”
Dermot told Jonathan how pleased he was to have Sharon Osbourne on the judging panel last year.
“She’s such a mum to the show,” he said, singing her praises. “But you know that if you mess with her, she’ll send you a sh*t in the post,” he joked.
Jonathan asked Dermot whether Simon Cowell had talked to him about the fact he is soon to become a dad.
“We don’t talk about (anything personal).  When we talk we talk professionally.  He’s not really an emotional guy, Simon,” said Dermot.
“I don’t know if I’m coming back next year,” admitted Dermot.
“He never tells you in advance?” asked Jonathan.
“Or I never tell him,” said Dermot.  “So we sit down, we talk…”
Jonathan asked Dermot whether he thinks Simon will make a good dad.
“I think he’ll make a great 1920s dad,” joked Dermot.
Dermot enjoyed being reunited with Russell Brand.  They worked together when Dermot worked on Big Brother’s Little Brother and Russell did Big Brother’s Big Mouth.
"I honestly think Russell should stand as an MP,” Dermot told Jonathan.  “Russell should stand as an independent."
Dermot will be presenting this year’s National TV Awards, but despite being nominated for an award, Dermot admits he doesn’t think he stands a chance of winning.
"When you realise you're never going to beat Ant and Dec, you do sort of, well…it’s what we call the annual runner-up to Ant and Dec award.  Do you know what, quite rightly so, they do such a good job.  They’re stalwarts and they’re brilliant, they deserve every success."
Linda Robson
Linda Robson is famous for her role as Tracey Stubbs in Birds of a Feather.  15 years after the original series ended, Birds of a Feather has returned to our screens and was watched by almost 11 million viewers on ITV.
Jonathan asked: “Did you think it would be that big a hit?”
“Never in a million years,” said Linda.  “We were all really nervous about the first episode going out.”
Linda talked about the original series, which aired on the BBC back in 1989, admitting it wasn’t an instant hit.
“After the first episode went out, we all went to the producer, Esta Charkham’s house, and we sat and watched it all together.  Then Esta rang the BBC to see if anyone had rung up to say they’d enjoyed the show and they said there had been 150 complaints.  We’d had a few glasses of wine, so we decided to ring up the BBC and put on accents.  I did an Irish accent and rang up and said how wonderful I thought it was and how brilliant the three actresses were in the show, and Lesley and Pauline did exactly the same, and the producer did it,” explained Linda.
“And then there was a programme on at the time with Gloria Hunniford that was called Open Air or something like that.  It was a programme that was on every day.  I gave my sister’s name when I rang up as this Irish woman and the next day they (Gloria Hunniford’s show) rung my sister to say, ‘You rang the BBC last night to say you’d enjoyed the show’.  She went, ‘Oh, don’t be stupid, my sister’s in it, course I never’, so we got caught pretending to be all these different people.”
The series went on to be a huge success and Linda said it was emotional when it ended. 
“The last ever recording we did in a studio, the three of us, when they finished and said, ‘Cut, it’s a wrap’, we just were all cuddling each other.  Normally, after every recording, we went to the green room and it was like party time, we used to have karaoke, food, drink and everything.  This night we just all went home because we didn’t want to say goodbye to the crew.  We’d worked with them for all those years, so it was quite emotional,” said Linda.
“When we came back and did the first episode of this series, it was the same thing again. It was like the end of the first recording, the three of us were crying.  It was quite emotional really.”
Linda grew up in Islington and used to take acting classes in her lunch breaks and after school.
“We just went along because there were nice looking boys there.  The Kemp brothers were there, Martin and Gary, Phil Daniels and Kathy Burke and Gillian Taylforth and lots of other people,” explained Linda.
Jonathan asked: “Did you or Pauline ever get anywhere with either of the Kemp boys?”
"I’m afraid not.  We did try but they weren't interested."
James Blunt
James Blunt shot to fame with his hit single ‘You’re Beautiful’.  However, despite the fact the song was hugely successful, James faced criticism as well.
“I have a stupid speaking voice and I sing like a girl and I sing songs that are, I suppose, a bit effeminate," said James, explaining why he thinks people took against him.  "If you play that song so many times it gets f**king irritating," he added.
Before his singing career, James served in the army and he worked with Prince Harry.
"He joined a little bit after me, so there was a time when Harry would call me Sir, perhaps, but now I would call him Your Highness."