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CATHERINE TATE speaks about living in America and needing a man who can drive. She also shows off her ‘twerking’ skills!
JOHN KRASINSKI speaks about his role in The Office and admits he suffered an injury whilst filming his new film
WILL POULTER speaks about his role in The Revenant and winning an award for kissing Jennifer Aniston
KEVIN BRIDGES speaks about his new shape and getting into comedy
And a music performance from Rudimental
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by homegrown comedy star and actress, Catherine Tate; American actor, John Krasinski; British acting talent, Will Poulter and Scottish funny man, Kevin Bridges.
British comedian and actress, Catherine Tate, joined the sofa and spoke about living in America, her fear of driving and showed off her ‘twerking’ technique.
Speaking about living in the US whilst filming The Office, Catherine admitted she didn’t love it at first: “Well, I was a bit shell shocked wasn’t I, I didn’t like it when I first went because LA - now, I have to say, I love LA and I go back an awful lot, I absolutely love it, but… it’s quite a hard sell when you first get there the city because it doesn’t yield its secrets easily… What I realised is you have to armour up with the sincerity with the whining, baseless sincerity.”
She continued: “Because there’s quite a lot of pressure I find on having fun and being excited in LA, for no reason at all. I don’t know - this might be the case in the whole of America - but for children growing up certainly in LA, because my daughter went to school while we were over there, I was saying to her ‘Listen, everyday just really experience it as you experience it.’” 
Joking about always being asked how she was and if she was excited and having fun, Catherine said, “I found that quite hard until you realise you’ve just got to accept it… What I initially thought was just a cacophony of whining insincerity I now embrace,” she laughed.
Speaking about her hatred of driving, Catherine said: “I find it difficult driving, I mean really it’s beyond me… For men who drive, they’ve got an awfully big chance with me… I mean I find it incredibly incompetent… they’ve already got a chance,” she laughed.
Later in the show, Catherine showed off her ‘twerking’ technique to the audience in a dance off with Jonathan. [Pictures available from REX] John Krasinski joked, “Miley Cyrus look out!”
John Krasinski, the American actor and star of new film, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, was reunited on the sofa with Catherine, his former co-star in the American Office. He spoke about his acting roles, filming injuries and family.
Speaking about his role as Jim in the American version of sitcom, The Office, John said: “I watched the British [The] Office religiously, I thought it was perfect. Those aren’t words you want to say when you are auditioning for the American one, when they’re like ‘what do you think of the new American version?’ and I said, ‘the old one is perfect.’
Speaking about Martin Freeman who plays the equivalent to his character in the UK version of the series, John said: “We detoured hugely by calling me Jim, he was Tim… Martin was one of those things, after I’d seen it I never watched it again once I got the part because he was so good. To me, I think not only was that show perfect and changed all of comedy for me, it really is one of the most seminal shows that changed everything for me and he in particular, once I got the part I was scared out of my mind.”
John spoke his new film, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and admitted that he suffered an injury whilst filming: “We went to weapons training with Navy SEALs who are one of our elite forces and we spent time using these guns and the first time I shot a gun with them - they are pretty big and there’s this existential crisis, yes that’s how big they are - you definitely get shocked into being totally nervous.”
He continued: “The first day of shooting we all lined up and started shooting guns for the first time and truly, the first bullet that was fired by all of us, one of them flipped up and hit me in the neck which everybody was like ‘hot brass it happens’ and it sounds like a cool jazz band and then it hits your neck and you’re like ‘this is not a cool jazz band, this is awful.’ I had sunscreen on so the casing stayed on my neck and the rule the Navy SEALs taught us was you can never stop firing on a firing line because if you go like this [points up to touch his neck] you could shoot your friend so for about a minute it was searing my skin and I still have a scar… so now I’m a real man!”
John - who is married to British actor, Emily Blunt - spoke about his wife: “Yes I married Emily - I know what you’re thinking, ‘What?! That guy got her?’ It’s true, it’s true. Why do you think I bulked up? I had to earn it!” he laughed.
And on his daughter, who is nearly two, John said: “We have an amazing daughter named Hazel and she definitely is picking up on her mum’s accent which I think is adorable especially at Christmas - the whole Santa, Father Christmas thing like blew her mind… She has a British accent for some things.”
BAFTA Rising Star Award Winner, Will Poulter, joined the sofa and spoke about new film, The Revenant and winning an award for kissing Jennifer Aniston.
Speaking to Jonathan about his new film - which tops the nominations list at this year’s Oscars - Will said: “We felt like we were all part of something special, I don’t think we felt 12 Oscar nominations special but we all felt like we were trying to tackle something that was unprecedented in many ways… I think if I’m being very honest, Leo [DiCaprio] was someone who I idolised growing up, I think a lot of people of my generation and certainly aspiring actors can’t help but be inspired by him, Tom [Hardy] too, someone I admire massively so to get to work with them was incredible, initially intimidating but they were so awesome. The most intimidating thing was being on set with men with such magnanimous beards!”
Will spoke about being at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony earlier this month and joked that his seat on the table with The Revenant cast was in fact taken by John Krasinski. “Me and John were in similar positions where we both felt we were on tables where we didn’t necessarily belong… I was on a table with the producers of Shaun the Sheep, which by the way is incredible… and the amazing Mr Sam Smith… I wasn’t in Shaun the Sheep and I didn’t sing the soundtrack to Spectre so it was odd.”
John on the other hand was sat with Leonardo DiCaprio and the cast, crew and director of The Revenant. He joked about feeling bad at being in the back of their celebratory photographs.
Will also spoke about winning an MTV Movie Award in 2014 for ‘Best Kiss’ when he appeared in the film, We Are The Millers: “I can’t help but feel like Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts won the award and I was just there to collect it,” he started, “It was an experience that I just feel a huge amount of embarrassment about, I feel sorry for them… Listen, Kenny from We Are The Millers was not the coolest dude on the planet!”
Scottish stand up comedian, Kevin Bridges, joined the sofa and spoke about getting into comedy and missing carbs.
Speaking to Jonathan about his weight loss and new fitness regime, the comedy star spoke with Jonathan about cutting out carbohydrates and getting in shape: “I went to a personal trainer guy and he’s asking me what I had for breakfast and I said, ‘toast mate’ and he said ‘that’s too starchy carbohydrates.’ He’s telling me to eat a steak and eggs. How the [heck] can that be healthier than a bit of toast?”
Jonathan said he doesn’t eat a lot of carbohydrates anymore and joked, “I exist essentially on meat and fluids!” Kevin said: “I tried it for a couple of weeks and I thought I was going insane. I was fantasising about them… Anything, a combination of boiled rice in a baked potato or a spaghetti toastie… I think I lost about six pounds in that fortnight but I was so unhappy… There’s a lot to be said for a sandwich.”
On getting into comedy, Kevin said: “I was always in trouble at school and that culminated in me being asked to leave school… I got chucked out of school, I was at a loose end, my parents were obviously disappointed because I was quite academic, I could have gone to Uni… I was relatively smart so I felt as if I owed it to my parents to try and turn it into something.”
He continued: “The only thing is I was 18 stone, I was fat, I was rubbish at sports. I thought the only thing I’ve ever been complimented on is being funny and that’s got me into trouble, why not try and turn it into something positive.”
Kevin also spoke about his intentions to move abroad to study: “It’s always interested me, languages. I finished my tour just last year and I think if you want to keep doing standup for years and years and years you need to go away and live a bit of lie, keep yourself fresh and I’ve booked in to go and study in Spain, I’m moving over to Spain for eight weeks.”