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    3 of 6

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    The Ramblin' Boy (1/2)
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    Mon 21 Jan 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 4 2013 : Sat 19 Jan - Fri 25 Jan
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The much-loved series of Lewis returns to ITV1. This seventh series comprises of three stories, each in 2 x 1 hour episodes. 
The series, starring Kevin Whately as Inspector Robbie Lewis, and Laurence Fox as his partner DS James Hathaway, will see the pair once again investigating murders against the back drop of the ancient city of Oxford. 
Clare Holman also returns as Dr Laura Hobson, and Rebecca Front as Chief Superintendent Innocent. 
The Ramblin' Boy (1/2): 
While HATHAWAY (Laurence Fox) takes time off in Kosovo, LEWIS (Kevin Whately) pays a visit to LOUISE CORNISH (Lucy Speed), who is devastated that her husband JACK CORNISH (Mark Powley) has walked out on the family. 
An embalmed body is discovered dumped by an isolated farm track. Funeral director, BRIAN MILLER (Tom Brooke), identifies the body and GP MATT WHITBY (Simon Wilson), confirms the gentleman died of cancer. However, when the crematorium confirms that a body was burned, LEWIS is left with one question– who was in the coffin? 
INNOCENT (Rebecca Front) introduces Lewis to ALEX GRAY (Babou Ceesay), who will be his sidekick whilst Hathaway is away. Gray is a young constable straight out of uniform. 
Innocent reveals that Jack Cornish has taken up with TARA FAULKNER (Camilla Power), the wife of well-known miscreant PETER FALUKNER (Peter Davison). Peter owns a majority stake in Brian’s Funeral Parlour business but, when interviewed, he says he hasn’t visited Miller’s for years. 
Lewis and Gray learn about a supper party attended by the Faulkners, Whitby, Cornish, the Millers and lecturer HELEN BARNES (Lia Williams). 
When Whitby is found dead at his desk, poisoned with formaldehyde, Lewis has to ramp up his search for the killer. 
Jack and Tara are still missing, but when Lewis accuses Peter of murdering his wife and swapping the body, he is proved wrong when she appears at the station. 
Lewis, now convinced it must have been Cornish who was 
cremated, goes looking for LIAM JAY (Taron Egerton), a pallbearer and a student of Helen’s, to see if he has any information. Liam is discovered bloodied and unconscious in the funeral parlour’s refrigeration room – will he become another victim to add to the killer’s death toll?