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The Magaluf Weekender

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    Sun 20 Jan 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 4 2013 : Sat 19 Jan - Fri 25 Jan
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“We propose to bring a bit of class to Magaluf. So we’re not going to bring one girl back to the apartment cos that’s not classy. We’ll just have like a topless party in the apartment. That’s better.” 
Gianni, holiday-maker 
First to check into the hotel Lively this week are three childhood friends from North London - Josh, Danny and Gianni. Joining them for a weekend in the sunshine are best friends and budding beauticians, 18-year-olds Hannah and Christie from Worthing. The girls have never ventured abroad before without their parents and are determined to enjoy their independence. 
As the girls get ready for a night on the town, Christie admits she can’t resist getting bronzed up: “I would say I’m a tanoholic. I’m obsessed with spray tan. I’ve got my own spray tan booth at home because my Dad bought it for me for Christmas.” Not to be outdone by the girls grooming, Gianni sprays his eyebrows with hairspray before heading out on the pull. 
Meanwhile, holiday reps Imogen and Jordan are on pool duty together and Imogen can’t wait to tell Jordan about her new tattoo showing the date she started her new rep job. Jordan is quick to point out that it’s also the date they slept together, leaving Imogen horrified by the double meaning of her new tattoo. 
That evening Imogen makes clear to roommate Jordan that he’d better not bring any girls back to their room and the pair fallout on the Magaluf strip, over his behaviour. Jordan manages to sneak an old flame back to their room regardless but wary of Imogen’s feelings, sneaks the girl out again within 40 minutes. But the following day he is left feeling guilty and admits to fellow rep Jaime-Leigh that he wants to change and grow up. Jordan says: “Imogen obviously does come first, she’s a mate of mine. I wouldn’t want to lose that friendship, I wouldn’t want to mess with that.” 
The boys take a shine to some stunning Icelandic girls at the hotel and invite them to their room for drinks. Josh says: “They’re so nice that Gianni, Danny and I are already thinking about looking into going to Iceland for New Year.” However, the boys are less impressed later on by Hannah and Christie’s drinking when the girls drunkenly attempt to reinact their earlier ride on the bucking broncho and fall over in the middle of the street. 
Gianni can’t believe his luck when one of the Icelandic girls agrees to come back to his room but he’s shocked when she leaves the next morning. He says: “She just got up and walked out. I was mentally lost. I didn’t know what to do for a minute….in England you have a little bit of conversation in the morning, maybe get some breakfast or something…I feel quite used.” 
Christie and Hannah are quick to point out that pulling is far from top of their agenda. Christie says: “I think people presume me and Hannah just jump into bed with some boys or something like that but when we meet boys we’d rather get to know them first before anything happens.” 
For their final night in Magaluf, the group head out to a nightclub foam party. But Gianni gets more than he bargains for when he follows a pretty Spanish girl into the girls toilets and she turns out to be a man, to the absolute delight of his mates. Danny says: “It was perfect because she was so clearly a man but Gianni’s beer goggles just destroyed him. That was just epic.”