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    Sat 18 Jan 2014
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    7.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 04 2014 : Sat 18 Jan - Fri 24 Jan
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Conservative party MP Penny Mordaunt, singer and musician Paul Young, model Danielle Lloyd, comedian Patrick Monahan and TOWIE star Dan Osbourne will go head to head in week three of diving show Splash!
Each will each take to the diving board under the watchful eye of Olympic Bronze medal and British and European Championship winner Tom Daley, in an attempt to master one of sport’s most difficult disciplines. 
The five are currently in training ahead of diving live in a bid to impress the show’s panel of the judges and the viewing public. 
Only two will secure a place in the Semi Finals, joining Diversity’s Perri Kiely and presenter Michaela Strachan, who went through on the opening show last week.   
Danielle said “I really want to overcome my fear of heights and get an incentive to lose my baby weight, so the pressure of performing live on national television seemed like the perfect way to do that. I don’t think I could be any more nervous but hopefully I’ll conquer my fears in time.”
Paul said “It was only once I started training for the show that I realised I had a fear of heights, but, being the oldest contestant on the show, it really is now or never!”  
Penny said "Not only is Splash! a great personal development experience but it also seemed like the perfect way to fund raise for a charity I’m very passionate about – the Hilsea Lido in Portsmouth which is being renovated by the community.  I will be donating my fee for the programme to assist with the renovations.
I have the elegance and drive of a paving slab, but my navy training has certainly given me the guts to take on the challenge head on.”
Dan said “Splash! is the best of both worlds for me as I love a challenge and I’m totally sports mad. That said I’ve never even been able to dive off the side of a pool so how I’ll cope with the heights is anyone’s guess. I’m most nervous about diving in front of an audience but as long as I stay focused hopefully I’ll get through.”
Patrick said “As a comedian I'm always up for any challenge and there's no greater challenge than jumping off a diving board, metres in the air, wearing only a smile and some speedos! Splash! is a great Saturday night family entertainment show and I'm so chuffed to be part of it, it’s the perfect start to the year!”