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The Magaluf Weekender

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    3 of 6

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    Tue 01 Oct 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 40 2013 : Sat 28 Sep - Fri 04 Oct
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“As if a lad in Magaluf is asking to take me for a drink! What’s the world coming to Jaime-Leigh?” Imogen, Head Rep
The Magaluf Weekender is back for series two, with more fun-loving mischief and mayhem as eager holiday-makers hit the non-stop party resort of Magaluf, experiencing their first holiday as a group without their parents. 
On hand to ensure they have the weekend of their lives are our four holiday reps, Jordan, Imogen, Jaime-Leigh and flirtatious new boy, personal trainer Tobi.  
Each week, two sets of guests from across the UK check-in to the hotel to party away the weekend of their lives, under the watchful eye of the reps. With drinking games, fancy dress, seduction, friendships, fallouts and pranks a plenty, it’s set to be a hot, steamy summer to remember.  
In episode three, first to arrive are a trio of 19-year-olds friends from South-East London, Jack, John and Callum. All are single and looking for some action. 
John has high expectations: “The first lads’ holiday you go on is going to be remembered for the rest of your life, so you’ve got to make the most of it. I’m gonna definitely smash it.”
Meanwhile Jack admits: “Our main target of the holiday is to get Callum’s cherry popped…”
Next up best mates Lian and Becky check-in to the hotel from Norwich. Both are single and Becky says: “Mine and Leanne’s motto is go hard or go home, so if you can’t handle it, don’t come out.”
Self-conscious Callum takes an early shine to Lian and is determined not to get stuck in the friends’ zone.  As the group hit the town together, Jordan is keen to break the ice with a group game of ‘pass the ice cube’. 
Imogen and John soon hit it off but after too many drinks, John has to be put to bed alone, to Imogen’s disappointment.  And having pulled Leanne during their night out, Callum is devastated when she also falls asleep in her room. 
Meanwhile, Jaime-Leigh and Tobi acknowledge the growing chemistry between them. Jaime says: “Tobi and I get on really well and we definitely have a connection. We are a little bit flirty but nothing’s really going to happen there, I don’t think.”
But Tobi has other ideas: “It’s early days so far, however me and Jaime-Leigh get on very well, there’s a lot of chemistry. She’s a tough nut to crack, however with a bit of persistence I can definitely get there.”
Fearing it’s make or break night with Leanne, Callum takes some advice from Tobi, who later realises Lian isn’t interested and encourages Callum to move on to other girls, resulting in tension within the group. 
As Jordan declares himself Callum’s wingman for the final night, will the boys succeed in their mission for Callum? 
And romance continues to blossom between Imogen and John, after he invites her out for a drink, despite having already shared a bed.