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Made in Britain

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    Wed 09 Oct 2019

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    8.00pm - 9.00pm

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    Week 41 2019 : Sat 05 Oct - Fri 11 Oct

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    Tue 24 Sep 2019

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Episode 3

From the mass produced to the hand crafted, a behind the scenes look at how Britain's most iconic brands are made.

Meet the master baker who turns out a traditional regional delicacy with a Greek twist - Lancashire Eccles Cakes. 

Discover how a team of craftsmen turn raw hides into handcrafted saddles, in the centre of Britain's saddle making industry. 

See just what it takes to become an official 'Scissor Putter-togetherer' at a Sheffield firm making scissors for the world's finest fashion houses.

And discover how thousands of moving parts are combined to make a wooden machine that strikes just the right note, at Britain's only piano factory.

These are just some of the many products that are all proudly, Made in Britain.