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Aussie Animal Island

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    3 of 6

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    Tue 29 Oct 2013
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    7.30pm - 8.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 44 2013 : Sat 26 Oct - Fri 01 Nov
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As the newly released Tasmanian devils explore their new home on Maria Island, the hand-reared predators find the going tough and must dig deep to find the wild animal within.
The third episode of Aussie Animal Island follows 15 Tasmanian devils released into the wild in a disease-free environment in a desperate attempt to save the species from extinction. 
The devils explore their new home, finding plenty of strange sights and smells in the forests, beaches, open fields and dense scrub. 
Once home to a penal colony of prisoners, Maria Island is now a national park and tourists flock from around the world to enjoy the native geese, kangaroos and wombats that abound. But how will the committed herbivores cope with 15 hungry, carnivorous hunters? 
The devils are curious, cautious and hungry. While one lands a free meal under the nest of a wedge-tail eagle, others live up to their scavenging reputations by tucking into long dead wildlife. 
When Manny does the unthinkable and crashes a tourist barbeque, it nearly costs his place in the colony. 
The next morning, remote cameras reveal how the devils spent their first night in the wild. And Manny is in trouble again when he’s spotted by tourists behaving more like a labrador than a devil, posing for photos and sunbathing too close to a campsite.