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    Sat 01 Nov 2014
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    Week 45 2014 : Sat 01 Nov - Fri 07 Nov
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    Fri 31 Oct 2014
- PAUL HOLLYWOOD speaks about his friend Mary Berry, having Jonathan Ross in the Bake Off tent and talks extensively about ‘Bingate’
- KEIRA KNIGHTLEY reveals she nearly missed a film premiere for the Great British Bake Off final and that she’ll never be on social media because it freaks her out
- GARETH THOMAS speaks extensively in a touching interview about coming out, the response and how he is looking to the future and marriage with his partner, Ian Baum
- PAUL MERTON speaks about Have I Got News For You being in it’s 49th series, despite him thinking it would be a flop
And a music performance from London Grammar
In the third episode of The Jonathan Ross Show - which will air on ITV at 10.15pm on Saturday 1st November - Jonathan was joined by baking ‘stud muffin’ Paul Hollywood, British film star Keira Knightley, rugby legend Gareth Thomas and comedian Paul Merton.
In his first sit down interview since ‘Bingate’ - which happened on the last series of The Great British Bake Off - Paul Hollywood was asked by Jonathan “from an insider’s point of view, what happened?”: “I think unnecessarily so, Diana copped it big time. And there was no right to reply for her,” he said, before explaining, “What actually happened - at the time we didn’t even know what happened -  Sue came running in [saying] ‘you won't believe it… Ian’s thrown his thing in the bin!’ I said, ‘Why has he done that?’ I was angry about that, that he threw it away. I got the whole story, this was his second ice cream I think it was and so his first one didn't work and the chances were his second one wasn't going to work either. To be honest he just ran out of time, it’s all down to time management because there isn’t a huge amount of time to produce this stuff… He ended up bringing the bin to us [to judge] and I said ‘What’s in there?’ and he said ‘my cake’… the thing is, he lost his rag, he had a bit of a hissy fit and he threw it away but you can't do that. A lot of kids watch the Bake Off and you can't be seen, if we were going to give him a by, saying it’s OK for next week, what’s that saying to kids?... You can’t do that.”
And on how he dealt with contestant, Iain Watters, Paul said: “I was a little bit upset, I did have a quiet word with him you know and said ‘listen mate, you shouldn't have done that’... he should have literally just brought us the sponge and maybe the meringue in a separate dish. We had nothing to judge so what could we do?”
And on relations between Iain and the other contestant involved, Diana Beard, Paul said it wasn’t Diana’s fault: “Him and Diana we were only together three weeks ago and it was fine, they got on really well… Yes it was in the wrong freezer but 40 seconds that ice cream was out does not constitute melting an icecream.”
Speaking about the pressures of being part of such a high profile programme, Paul spoke about the expectations at the start and now: “It’s a real privilege to work on the show. I think from series one, I think we were three or four programmes in and the editors were coming back to us saying, ‘it’s really entertaining’ and they see programmes all the time so we knew we were onto something… it’s slowly built up but it’s been incredible.” 
Speaking of his beloved co-star, Mary Berry, Paul talked fondly of her but said she does sometimes critique his work: “I love Mary… We were working together at the weekend doing demonstrations… She bombed a couple of my demonstrations, she just walked off.” Before sharing a story about the darker side to Mary Berry. After working together one day, Paul went to retrieve his car to find it had been ‘vandalised’: “There was a police officer escorting me out towards my car and I was with security and they said ‘your car is over there Mr Hollywood… have you noticed what’s on your car?’ I said ‘what do you mean?’ they said ‘someone has written on your car… Mary has written on your car!’” A shocked Paul went on to check out the damage: ‘As I got closer to the car it just said ‘Love Mary x’ with a sharpie!” 
Joking about the incident, Paul said he called Mary to see why she had signed his motor: “I phoned her up because she was on her way home and I said ‘Mary what are you doing?’ ‘Oh I thought it was just marvellous,’ [she said]... But the police officer was there and she said ‘would you like Mary arrested?’ and I said ‘Yes I do, I want Mary arrested, criminal damage!’” he said, joking.
Continuing the story, Paul admitted that he did get Mary back: “I did get her back though because we were at Bake Off a week later and I couldn’t get [the pen] off and I said to her ‘Mary, that’s still on my car’… [And] I caught her, she went outside with a wet wipe… so I left her there for about half an hour!” It wasn’t all bad for Paul - who loves his cars - and he did say he’d forgiven her: “It was quite funny, it did double the price!”
Jonathan - who will take part in next year’s Comic Relief Bake Off for charity - shared his experiences of being in the famous Bake Off tent: “It was quite an experience… to be invited into the Bake Off tent, I thought this is an opportunity that most of us who love the show - and I love the show - we can’t buy that… It was just a tremendous honour. I’ve got to do this and I also knew that my baking off skills were solid enough for me to make a good run at it. I knew I stood a chance of winning because I know my way around a mixer!” he teased.
Clearly amused at Jonathan’s attempts in the kitchen, Paul said: “I was quite impressed with you, up until the moment you started…”
“But in terms of raw talent I had the most wouldn’t you say? Actually, shall we say ‘unpolished talent?’ Could we say without giving too much away that you’ve never seen anything like one of the things I prepared?’ Laughing, Paul admitted, “I would certainly say I have never seen anything like it before in my life… it was quite unique.” “It was a once in a lifetime experience for all of us,” Jonathan laughed.
As Keira Knightley joined Paul on the sofa, she was clearly excited to meet him and linked arms with him as she sat down. Jonathan joked that Paul gives “a very good deep tissue massage” should she need one and harping back to the last time Paul was on the show. Keira excitedly obliged! [Pictures available from Rex]
Explaining that she is a huge fan of The Great British Bake Off, Keira admitted she nearly missed a film premiere for the final: “I love it, I had The Imitation Game premiere in London on the night of the final of the Bake Off and there was a real moment where I was like ‘no, but no, you don’t understand’ and I did actually say to my agent ‘is it alright because I have seen the film twice before and I love the film but can I just walk the red carpet and just go back and watch it?’... I did actually leave the party a bit early so I could watch it on iPlayer afterwards so that nobody would tell me what happened. [I didn’t] want any spoilers and I turned off the radio on the way back so I didn’t know [who won!]”
Jonathan joked with Keira about her next birthday being a big one. On turning 30 next year, Keira said she wasn’t nervous until Jonathan started joking about it: “I’m an actress so it’s bad enough anyway but for an actress, it’s like [turning] 105!” Saying she doesn’t feel aware of being older or reaching a significant age, Keira said: “No I’m alright with it, I was alright with it until you said it like that!... I think it’s getting a bit worrying because really I think the scripts I’m getting sent, it’s all like ‘kill your husband, kill yourself, kill everybody around you.’... What is this saying about me?”
Keira stars alongside teen US actress, Chloe Moretz, in her new film. Speaking about working with the next generation of actors, Keira said it made her feel out of touch: “It made me feel really old because they’re all on social media and I’m not and we’d have lots of [scenes] in cars  where they’d be trying to explain to me what a Vine, do you know what a Vine is? Well I thought it was called ‘viner’ so obviously they thought I was like a horrendous nanny... So I did actually join Twitter for about 12 hours because I tried to be down with the kids and it just creeped me out. I didn’t post anything and I was under a false name and I think because Chloe followed me, suddenly all these people started following me and posting ‘I’m having a cup of tea now’ and I just got completely freaked out… I did the same thing with Facebook, I joined that for about an hour and that still tries to follow me!” Keira - who said she isn’t on Twitter anymore - admitted she would only reconsider after hearing about Paul Hollywood’s baking tip tweets. Paul said, “A lot of people put pictures of bakes on [my Twitter] with their cakes gone wrong and something’s sunk…” “OK I might try it again!” Keira laughed.
Continuing on Chloe Moretz, Keira said that the younger actors didn’t ask her for advice and seemed to have better advice for her to take: “That was what was so annoying, I didn’t feel like they were looking up to me at all, I thought ‘you should be asking me advice’ and they were just all like ‘you’re not on Twitter? [That’s] sad’... The thing about Chloe is she absolutely does know everything so I think that our off camera relationship was quite similar to our on screen relationship. I’d go to her for boyfriend advice, she’d probably have really good boyfriend advice but no she didn’t ask me many questions!”
Keira - who started acting at a very young age - said that the rejection that some people face puts her off the thought of allowing her children to follow in her footsteps: “It can be a great profession and if it’s going well it’s fantastic but the rejection that people do have to go through is huge so yes I would definitely perhaps not want my kid to go through it… I think it has to be a vocation, it’s like music… the likelihood of success is so small it has to be that there’s no other question, there’s nothing else that you could possibly do and if that’s the answer then you should totally go for it.”
In a touching interview with Jonathan, rugby legend Gareth Thomas opened up about his emotional past and in a poignant moment, Jonathan thanks Gareth personally for speaking out about sexuality and said he understands the impact it has on people, including one of his children who is gay.
During the interview, Jonathan shook Gareth’s hand and said: “One of my children is gay… I do understand the impact it has when someone like you stands up and says what you said and comes out because it is very important... I know there are people and there are kids up and down this country still who are wrestling this and who are feeling lost and alone and frightened by what’s going on and so the fact that you can come up and tell your story this open and clearly in a remarkably honest way - because you are unflinching in the way you judge yourself which I think is very unusual in a book - so I want to say thank you personally for what you’re doing and I think that everybody feels that what you’re doing is an important thing.”
During the interview, Gareth spoke openly about facing suicide and admitted that he contemplated taking his life a few times: “I think it was more for the people around me really, what I felt at the time was I became an irrelevant person because I had lied to so many people and when you lie, the people who you’re lying to unknowingly lie for you too… Other people around me cared about me and they still loved me yet I could see them going through times and when I would see my parents in dark times and I’d be lying to [my wife] Gemma and lying to my teammates and lying to my family at the dinner table then it becomes a life not worth living because a life led by lies, it’s like being in a constant film.” 
On telling his wife that he was gay, Gareth said it was the hardest thing he ever had to do: “For me to tell Gemma at a time when I felt Gemma can carry on and have a life and marry again and have a husband who she knows 100% rather than 99.9% is the best thing for me but more importantly the best thing for her.” Keira Knightley - who was sat alongside Gareth on the sofa - said her character in The Imitation Game was in a similar situation where Alan Turing, a gay man, asked her to marry him. On her character, Keira said: “She still thought that it might work and I can totally understand that because there was a connection and there was a great love and so she thought maybe it would be alright.”
Speaking about why he decided to hide his sexuality, Gareth said it was because he hadn’t faced it himself: “I didn’t realise I was gay until I accepted I was gay which has only been in the past couple of years so for me I always felt different but that difference I felt I had to hide… I played in a time in rugby where we had the first ever black man to play for Wales on our team and he spent 80 minutes of a rugby match having bananas thrown at him and nothing was done about it so if I’d have been open and accepted my difference and said to people I was gay, I would have been able to carry on playing but it would have been a horrible place and for an 18 year old kid to go through constant abuse… I wouldn’t have been strong enough and I wouldn’t have wanted to carry on playing the sport.”
Gareth admitted that he would visit gay bars as a different person, and used his nickname Alfie: “I literally would reinvent myself because I had to justify it… I’d go to a gay bar or go to a gay club just to experience it and to have experiences with men, this reality of something I was feeling, I needed the reality of it and when I would go I would literally go, it would be meaningless, I would be there for a night and I’d come back home and I would be able to forget about it because I’d think it wasn’t me that was doing it.”
Speaking about the time when he did come out publically, Gareth said it was in the morning before a rugby match. When he entered the pitch in the afternoon, he says he was met with positivity: “There is a moment when every team sports person is alone and that’s the announcement of the names [before a game] and they read through the Toulouse team and 70,000 fans cheered crazily for every one of them players and when they went through the Cardiff team, they booed and jeered everyone’s names until they reached mine and 70,000 fans cheered as loudly for me that day for my making of the decision than they did for any of the home team fans which for me is the best story.”
Gareth spoke about the problems that still continue for gay men in sport: “If there isn’t a gay footballer playing football in the UK then that’s a problem to start with and if there is and he feels like he can’t be open about his sexuality, then there’s a problem so either way you look at it there’s definitely a problem.” And speaking about how it should be for fans and their reactions to gay players, Gareth said to applause by the audience, “You pay your money to come and watch me play rugby, I drop a ball or miss a tackle then you’ve paid your money and you can say what you want to me but you do not pay your money to judge me on what I do behind my closed doors.”
He continued: “I was doing something that nobody had ever done before and when you’re the first person to do something you have no idea what the reaction is going to be and fear plays a big part in your life and fear played a bit part in everyday of my life… I became quite strong quite quickly. I didn’t come out because I wanted to be the first person to do it and I was going to be a trailblazer, I came out because I came to a crossroads of living or dying and that’s why I decided to come out, I wanted to live.”
Gareth says the reaction from people has been incredible and he still gets stopped in the streets by people who thank him for coming out and inspiring others to come out: “I have won every trophy that I can ever dream of winning but when you affect somebody’s life, in a way that this person is going to have a life that they never thought they could have because of me, stupid old me, because of that they could do that, it’s amazing.”
Looking to the future, Gareth revealed that he wouldn’t rule out marrying his partner, Ian Baum: “We’ve known each other for two years and we’ve been living together for a year and actually we have Paul Hollywood’s book on our kitchen shelf… I am very much in love with Iain, I’m extremely happy and I’m sure one day down the line [we might get married], we’re settling in but I definitely wouldn’t write it off because I really feel I’ve found my soulmate and the person I can spend the rest of my life with, I really do.”
Paul Merton was the final guest to join Jonathan on the sofa alongside Paul, Keira and Gareth. The Have I Got News For You host - who has been a part of the show for nearly 25 years - said that he never could have predicted the show’s success: “The pilot was dreadful, the first show you do of a new programme, it was a very hot, sunny day in Wandsworth TV studios… Nobody really knew what it was about… It was all a bit drab and a bit boring really so the BBC gave it a series much to my surprise. I wouldn’t have given it a series but somebody did then it started to improve from then on.”
Paul also spoke about having political guests on the show, which is in it’s 49th series: “People come on, politicians like to be on the show because it’s a humorous show and if a politician can be associated with humour, people think ‘oh he’s a nice bloke he goes to the pub and drinks beer I’ll vote for him.’ They don’t go a lot into the detail… mostly politicians are quite strange people… they’ve got very thick skin so you really can say virtually anything to them!”