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    Series 9 2015
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    Sat 31 Oct 2015
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    Week 45 2015 : Sat 31 Oct - Fri 06 Nov
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    Fri 30 Oct 2015
PRISCILLA PRESLEY opens up about her marriage to Elvis Presley and reveals she spoke to him days before his untimely death. She also talks about him being germophobic
ELVIS COSTELLO plays a special rendition of ‘The King of Rock’s’ song, Don’t on Presley’s personal guitar from 1956
DANNY DYER speaks about being desperate for work before his role in EastEnders came up and teases ahead to the Christmas special which sees him wear a wetsuit...
ROB BECKETT speaks about becoming a dad!
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by spectacular guest, Priscilla Presley, music legend, Elvis Costello, East End geezer, Danny Dyer and comedian, Rob Beckett.
Priscilla Presley joined the sofa and spoke about her former husband, Elvis Presley, and admits that she spoke to him days before his death. She also talks about his fame and how she believes he would still be in music today if he was alive.
The former wife of The King of Rock, revealed to Jonathan that the pair still spoke following their split and even spoke a few days before his death: “We talked, in fact we talked a few days before he passed which was very hard, [I was] asking if he was OK and if he was excited about going on tour and he was. He loved work, but he was dealing with a lot of issues… decisions that he had to make… so it wasn’t easy.”
Admitting she did have concerns for him, she said: “I did but Elvis was, he felt he was OK. He wasn’t someone who you could just say, ‘You need to really take care of yourself…’ It was hard for anyone to do anything because ultimately it was his decision and he felt he was fine.”
Speaking about Elvis over the years, Priscilla said: “It was difficult, Elvis did get a little bit lost and basically he felt he was getting older. He had a lot of issues that he was dealing with, he became more isolated and it was difficult, yes.”
On the pressure he faced from his fame, Priscilla said: “I often think about now being older and living life myself and looking back to his fame and my gosh being who Elvis Presley was, I loved him as a human being, he was my husband, he was everything to me but looking back now at all what was put upon him. He wanted to give so much and he wanted to give to his audience he wanted to give to his fans and yet he felt where was he? He wanted to do more, he wanted to sing better songs, there were so many demands made on him. I look and I say, ‘Wow his shoulders were so full.’ How he lifted himself up sometimes I just don’t know. That kind of fame I don’t know if anyone - especially at that time - can handle it because there was really no one that you could talk to and even relate to.”
She continued: “I think even the guys that were around him didn’t really get him… We were all very young and he was this artist... artist's think differently, artists are always creating and you have people around that don’t really understand that.”
Speaking about the moment she heard the news of his death, Priscilla admitted she found it, “absolutely devastating, I mean still to this day it’s hard to believe.”
Priscilla spoke about what an 80 year old Elvis would be doing now if he was still alive: “I think he’d still be doing music definitely, that was certainly in his soul. He just loved music and I don’t think he’d ever give that up… The way music is today, it's very very different today as it was of course when he was around. I think he’d play around a little bit with it but I can’t imagine him ever giving up with it.”
Priscilla revealed that Elvis was ‘germophobic’: “One of the things that Elvis did - first of all when he was young - he never liked to go to people’s homes to eat because didn’t like eating with other people’s silverware so he would take his own silverware and he didn’t like drinking out of cups that other people had drunk out of, even restaurants or other people's homes so when he drank, he would drink where the handle was knowing that no one would ever drink at that side.”
“So was he sort of germophobic then?” Jonathan asked. 
“Yes he was a bit, he just didn’t like being around other things that people handled a lot… He was that way when he was young, very young, a young boy… I think he just didn’t like to put his mouth where other people put their mouth, with silverware, things that you put in your mouth.”
Speaking about being defined by her husband’s fame in the early years, Priscilla said: “At first it was very difficult to always be associated to someone, you start losing yourself and who you are and people always wanted to know and still do actually, want to know about him and I do understand it a lot better now than when I was younger. I was kind of lost really in who I was earlier in my life, I really didn’t have teenage years, I learnt so much about him and was with him so much that I thought the way he did, I knew what he liked, what he didn’t like, I knew his thoughts, I knew everything as far as you could possibly do when you live together at such a young age… I’m much more comfortable with it now because I am my own person in my own right now so I’m able to share that.”
Elvis Costello joined the sofa as a guest and sat alongside Priscilla Presley. Jonathan presented the singer with one of Elvis Presley’s irreplaceable guitars from 1956 which he had often sang live with during his career. Elvis Costello was able to hold it and play it and decided to play and sing a rendition of Don’t in a touching tribute. [Pictures available from Rex]
Speaking to Jonathan, he said: “I learnt from this, a lot of country singers and I guess Elvis came up in knowing a lot of country singers, they put their name on the neck and the first bit of money I made, there’s pictures of me, I’ve got Elvis Costello up the neck of my guitar.”
At the end of the song, Jonathan said: “I’ve been doing this for a long time… that was one of the finest experiences I’ve ever had sitting in front of a studio audience, Elvis thank you for that.” 
Danny Dyer joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about how his role in EastEnders changed his career, and fortune.
Speaking about taking on the role of Mick Carter in the soap, Danny said: “It’s been a long old two years, I tell you that now but it’s been great for me. I think it’s worked well for both of us, I think the show has turned around and I think they’ve given me some real gifts as an actor.”
Explaining how he got the part, Danny revealed he was approached by the show: “I didn’t have an audition, they rung me up, I had a touch. They rung me up and said ‘listen we want you to come in the show, take over the Queen Vic’ and at the time I was skint and I just had about enough petrol money to get there, that’s the truth. They thought I was a multimillionaire and I met them in the hotel and I walked in absolutely skint, not a bean about me. I thought, I hope they don’t ask me to get them a lager because I’ve got no dough and they sat me on a throne and said how great I was and how they wanted me to come in and take over the Vic and [I was] going to have a really big storyline about having a gay son. I was like ‘wow, I want to do a cartwheel in front of them’ but I thought, ‘play it down, don’t show your bolt too early.’ I went, ‘I’ll think about it’ and then I walked out and I did a couple of backflips on the way out!”
“I played it right down, I didn’t want to look desperate and I was desperate.”
Speaking about what he might have had to do if the role didn’t come up, Danny said: “I might have had to go and load skips Jon, I just couldn’t catch a cold, I was doing nightclub appearances.”
Looking ahead to the Christmas special of EastEnders, Danny teased what viewers could expect and spoke about the truth behind the reports that he will be wearing a wetsuit.
“[There is] an EastEnders wedding so it’s [set for disaster] straight away… I wish I could declare the lot I really do… I’ve got a wetsuit, that says something, so there’s water involved… It goes a bit bandy, starts off lovely then it goes a bit bandy and then for some reason I whack a wetsuit on you - won’t know I have a wetsuit on though that’s the thing… it’s dark but it resolves a certain storyline with the old woman [his wife in the show, Linda Carter].” 
He continued: “There is nothing in the water but I have to get in the water… There’s something in the water and I get in it to sort the something out in the water, something’s happening in the water… I’m not meant to have a wetsuit on!”
Joking about what would happen if he did reveal what is planned, Danny said: “I’d be sacked!”
Talking about his upcoming stag do in the soap, Danny admitted he would probably plan something similar for his own stag do: “I’ve got my stag do, I’ve got a brilliant stag do they’ve given me a bit of free reign with that so I have it in The Vic obviously … I’ve given them my ultimate stag do to be honest with you.”
“So Mick’s stag do is what you would want in real life?” Jonathan asked to the engaged, Danny.
“Yeah, in a way yeah!” Danny replied, “It’s a right good stag do, someone gets [hit]… My nan knows, I’ve told her everything.”
Danny also spoke about his ambitions to play the iconic, James Bond: “I would love to do Bond, of course I would… There’s a little Facebook campaign - thing is my odds at the betting shop are that Emily Blunt has better odds than me to become the next Bond… Why can’t we have a cockney Bond?!”
Comedian, Rob Beckett, joined the sofa and revealed the first person he told that he would be becoming a dad was footballer, Peter Crouch. 
Sharing the story with Jonathan and the other guests, Rob said: “Basically you know you have to keep [the pregnancy] a secret for the first three months? [Well] what happened was I was being cautious but I was quite stressed so I did this TV show and Peter Crouch was on it and he said, ‘Do you want to go out for a few drinks?’ I was like yeah and then it was five in the morning and I just went, ‘Peter I’m going to be a dad!’ and no one else knew part from me, Peter Crouch and my wife and she don’t know that... Now I’m going to be in trouble!”
He joked: “He said, ‘You’ll be a great dad!’ I’d only known him for seven hours at this point but he seemed to be quite [supportive].”