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Episode three
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This week Liz Bonnin is in Lancashire to find out about a project, which aims to protect fish stocks by keeping our rivers cool. Ben Fogle is in Northern Ireland helping to transport some cattle in a very unusual way; and Paul Heiney finds out how Water Buffalo are being used in South Wales as a conservation tool.
Lancashire’s Ribble Valley is often described as the green heart of England and is famous for its rugged and beautiful countryside. Its rivers and streams, however, are under threat.
Liz Bonnin discovers how the combination of warmer weather and lack of tree cover along the waterway has led to the loss of hundreds of fish over the last few years.
She learns how data is used to map areas which could cause problems for wildlife and goes ‘Loop Fishing’ to find out how fish numbers are being affected.
She says: “With conservationists working alongside farmers, it’s hoped the rivers and streams of the Ribble Valley will be better protected against warmer weather to provide homes for our fish species.”
Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland is just over 20 miles from Belfast and is the largest sea loch in the British Isles. Its 70 islands are of immense importance to nature conservation and are home to the Galloway, one of the world’s oldest breeds of beef.
The cattle have to be moved between islands to stop over grazing and inbreeding. However, the boat that usually transports the cows has been decommissioned, meaning the herd have been stuck in the same place for a year. Ben Fogle travels with six cows on a new boat to their new home.
Ben also visits the Lough, one of the most important breeding sites in Ireland for common seals. A National Trust ranger takes Ben to see new seal pups.
Ben says: “Strangford Lough really is a jewel in Northern Ireland’s wild crown. A place where conservationists and farmers work hand in hand to protect the wildlife that call this magnificent loch home.”
Paul Heiney visits the Teifi Marsh Nature Reserve in Pembrokeshire to see the Italian water buffalo. Buffalo are the largest member of the Bovine family and he meets a local farmer who breeds 24 of them for beef.
The Welsh Wildlife Centre is the first nature reserve to use water buffalo as a conservation tool and it has proved so successful others have followed.
Series overview
Countrywise returns for a brand-new series, taking viewers on an energetic and investigative look at the best of Britain’s coast and countryside.  
Farming and agricultural expert Paul Heiney, intrepid adventurer Ben Fogle and wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin travel the length and breadth of Britain to discover the countryside’s best stories and key issues.