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Gone To Pot American Road Trip

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    3 of 3

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    Fri 17 Nov 2017
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 46 2017 : Sat 11 Nov - Fri 17 Nov
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    Last in series
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Gone To Pot American Road Trip
Episode 3
It’s all aboard the magical marijuana mystery tour for the final leg of the journey through the weird, wonderful and worrying world of legalised ‘weed’.
After living the high-life in California our gang of national treasures, Linda Robson, Pam St Clement, Christopher Biggins, John Fashanu and Bobby George, touch down in the stunning State of Colorado, home to the famous Rocky Mountains and one of the very first States to legalise the recreational use of marijuana.
In Denver Bobby, Fash and Linda pay their respects at a very different type of church. The International Church of Cannabis offers a spiritual home to people looking to create the ‘best version of themselves’ by way of the ‘sacred plant’. The founders claim to be ‘Elevationists’, and Bobby asks, “okay, how do I get elevated?!” But will hash-fearful Fash worship at this unconventional altar of cannabis? 
On their tour itinerary is a look inside The Farm, a super-sized state-licensed marijuana operation. It’s legalised growing on a mind-blowing scale particularly for the green-fingered Pam and Bobby.  The trip includes an extraordinary shopping opportunity at the obligatory Farm Shop where, seemingly, anything is on offer as long as it contains dope.
Finally, they travel into the dizzy heights of the Rocky Mountains and check into a beautiful, traditional mountain ranch. The insomnia-sufferers in the group hope to secure a decent night’s sleep by using marijuana steeped sleep patches purchased at the Farm shop, but will they actually work?
As their voyage of discovery comes to an end, the gang gather around a mountainside campfire to they compare notes, reassess their many ailments and try to reach a conclusion about whether it’s time for the UK to follow the US’s lead.
From Biggins to Bobby George, all the Gone to Pot gang had very personal reasons for wanting to experiment on themselves, but now, safely back home in the UK, they reflect on their trip.  Having experienced the highs and the lows, where do they stand on legalisation back in the UK? And following their foray into medical marijuana… will they ever have problems with their joints again?