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Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green

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    3 of 8

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    Mon 11 Nov 2013
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 46 2013 : Sat 09 Nov - Fri 15 Nov
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In episode three, Robson travels along one of the most magical and historic stretches of coastline in the country, to learn how Northumberland's past shaped the Britain we know today. He meets the family who live at Bamburgh Castle and learns how it was once the stronghold of the ancient kings of Northumbria, a powerful Anglo-Saxon kingdom. 
Robson walks along the ancient 'Pilgrim's Way' to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, known as the 'cradle of English Christianity' and swims with grey seals at the Farne Islands.
Perched 150 metres above the sea; Bamburgh castle has captured Robson’s imagination since he was a boy. Raided by the Vikings from the east, and the Scots from the north, the castle has a turbulent past. As he approaches the castle, Robson says: “Now that, is epic”. 
Robson meets Chris Calvert, who has been director of the castle since 2007 and lives there with his family. Chris will never forget the day they moved in, saying “Coming over the hill, and it’s just there in front of that and you’re like ‘we’re going to live in that, really, are you kidding?” With its medieval hall, armoury and over 3,000 historical artefacts, it’s an extraordinary place to call home.
Robson enjoys a rooftop meal with arguably the best view in Northumberland at the top of the castle, and finishes his day by raising the castle’s Northumbrian flag.
The next step of Robson’s journey takes him to Longstone Island on the outer stretch of the Farne Islands. The Farnes are home to a colony of 4,000 Atlantic grey seals, making it one of the best places in Britain to observe these animals in the wild. 
Robson meets GP Ben Burville, who has a passion for marine life, saying: “It really is a special place. I’ve dived all over the world, from the arctic to the Caribbean and the Red Sea. If you said I could only dive in one place ever again, it would be the Farne Islands.” 
The Farnes, made up of volcanic rock, provide a safe haven for the seals to breed. After diving with Britain’s largest carnivores, Robson says: “You have no idea until you’re under there how magical it is. Then you cannot believe such as extraordinary world is on your doorstep.” 
Robson’s final destination is Holy Island, where people travel to from all over the world to make the traditional bare foot walk at low tide along the Pilgrim’s Way. Robson follows in their footsteps to find out what life is like for the island’s inhabitants who welcome 500,000 visitors a year. 
Series overview:
Actor Robson Green returns to his home turf for a new factual series, which sees him lead viewers through a unique and often overlooked part of Britain that remains close to his heart.
In Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green, Robson reveals why the county of his birth, to which he has recently returned to live, still remains for him a magical and mysterious ancient kingdom. 
Over eight episodes, Robson travels the length and breadth of this magical landscape by land, sea and air to see things he’s never seen before and discover a side of Northumberland that he never knew.
He immerses himself in many of the unique experiences the area has to offer, spending the night in one of the most remote spots in Britain, stargazing into the darkest skies in England and exploring the rich and deep history of a county which has its own flag, tartan and dialect. Not forgetting its iconic locations such as Holy Island and Hadrian’s Wall, which are key to the nation’s ancestral roots. 
Stretching from just north of Newcastle up to the Scottish border, Northumberland boasts more castles than any other county as well as vast expanses of unspoilt, rugged countryside, allowing Robson to encounter all walks of county life from a lord and lady to a shepherdess. 
As he reconnects with his homeland, Robson also sees it like never before and whether faced with sleeping in a lighthouse, or being attacked by birds in the wilderness, it’s not an experience he will be forgetting any time soon.