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Get Your Act Together

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    Sun 01 Feb 2015
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    7.00pm - 8.15pm
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    Week 06 2015 : Sat 31 Jan - Fri 06 Feb
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Episode 3
Get Your Act Together see’s some of our best-loved stars join forces with some of the world’s most talented variety acts to put on a unique performance.    
Each week, host Stephen Mulhern  is joined by five different celebrities who battle it out to learn jaw dropping talents, from contortion to fire dancing, ventriloquism to acrobatics, juggling to plate spinning.  
Under the watchful guise of the world’s most talented acts and performers, the celebrities will have intensive training to master their chosen skill.  Viewers will see unique collaborations as the celebrity and their mentors then take to the stage together to perform in front of a studio audience. 
In the third show of the series actor James Bolam will be mentored by singer Michael Ball; ex cricketer Phil Tufnell will be mentored by acrobatic basketball Face Team; model Amy Willerton will be mentored by The Veslovskis from Moscow State Circus;  Emmerdale’s Matthew Wolfenden and Natalie Anderson will be mentored by Keelan Leyser’s Quick  Change Act and actress Chelsee Healey will be mentored by Starfiz Aerial.
Viewers will also get to see all the action from backstage as our celebrities attempt to overcome their nerves and face last minute rehearsals ahead of their  moment in the spotlight.  
Each week it will be down to the studio audience to decide which celebrity, along with their mentor, has entertained them the most and goes through to the Final. Who will be able to embrace their chosen skill, hold their nerve and Get Their Act Together? 
James Bolam
Act: Singing
Act: Michael Ball
Have you ever done Karaoke?
I don’t do karaoke! I wouldn’t dare! I never sing in the bath either. 
Do you enjoy listening to music?
Yes. As a child, you’d listen to the radio because there was no television and you’d hear all the pop songs and all the great songs. We never went to the theatre, as we were too poor. I was never taught music at school either or have music explained to me, which is a real pity. I never got into serious music until I was older. I like all the famous things like Mozart and Beethoven. Haydn is my favourite. 
So how are you feeling about singing with Michael?
The thought of actually having to get up now in the cold light of day and sing a number with a very talented man is pretty terrifying. I must be out of my brain just being here. Challenges come up and you think ‘yee, let’s have a go’ and then you think ‘oh god!’ What have I done?! But we’ll just have to see. Michael is just amazing.
Are you a quick learner?
I am not quick at anything. I’m quite fussy in that way about trying to get things right, which can be a pain for some people. I get pernickety if I don’t feel sure about something. 
What do you think is the secret to a good singer?
Confidence is essential. You’ve got to be confident to hit the right notes. I have such admiration for fine singers. 
How challenging has this been?
It’s enormous. With singing, you can’t have your own time. When the music starts, you’ve got to start and you can’t say ‘hang on a minute’.
What are you most afraid of?
Not being able to do it. The whole thing is fearsome but exciting. 
And finally, how nervous will you be on the night?
I am hoping I will be concentrating so hard on what I’m doing and trying to get it right that everything else will go out the window. I just hope adrenalin will see me through. 
Phil Tufnell
Act: Acrobatic Basketball
Mentor: Face Team
So how are you enjoying learning how to be an acrobatic basketball player?
It’s been really good fun and I have enjoyed it so much. I am with a troop of guys who do some flamboyant back flips! They pass the ball from bloke to bloke and it is a case of trying to keep up with them!
Have you ever done anything like this before?
Never. It is one of the main reasons why I wanted to take part in the show. I wanted to slam and dunk one! It’s great fun.
Can you keep up with them?!
I am reasonably fit although my knees do give me a little bit of trouble! My calves are a bit sore. The guys are great and it’s fantastic to learn a new skill.
What’s the hardest thing to grasp?
Getting the technique right and making sure you get some good height off the trampoline. You have to do some under leg passes and hit the backboard behind you to catch it. This has been pretty hard. They call it freestyle. But it’s enjoyable bouncing about!
Have you had any injuries?
I have had a few tumbles on the crash mat. I have found myself in a heap. You do have to be careful how you land when you are coming down onto the mat. You just have to pick yourself up and off you go again.
What does your wife think?
She says it looks pretty good. She was really impressed. I have shown a few friends, too, who all thought it looked pretty good. 
Is this the start of a new career for you?!
Err no I don’t think it will be the start of a new career! The other guys are hitting the ceiling and doing triple somersaults!
How would it feel to reach the final?
I want to make sure I don’t let the guys who have been training me down. I want to do a good performance. Happy days!
Amy Willerton
Act: Roller-skating on podiums
Mentor: Moscow State Circus - The Veslovskis
Roller-skating on a podium…Tell us more!
It’s something completely new! I don’t think there is even a name for my act but it is a lot of fun. You roller skate onto the podium, join hands with your partner and then do some tricks. You have to build up speed and momentum. It’s kind of like what you see on Dancing On Ice but on roller skates and on a podium!
Have you roller-skated before?
No. I have ice-skated and roller bladed. I had a roller disco party for my 11th birthday and that sums up my total amount of experience.
So how has training gone?
It’s still early days but I have learned all the tricks. It is now a matter of putting it all together and doing a routine. Hopefully we will get it right. 
What’s the hardest thing to master?
Getting over the dizziness. You are spinning ridiculously fast. If you think of yourself on a fair ground ride, it’s a bit like that. Trying to keep your balance is the really difficult bit. 
Have you fallen over yet?
Yes. I took to the podium pretty quick but during the tricks, I did fall over. The tricks are quite scary.
What do you love most?
The fact I am learning a new skill and enjoying the experience of training with a circus. As a kid, I can remember going to the circus and being fascinated by the circus life. Now I can add this to the random things I have done. When people ask what I have been up to, I reply ‘oh I have joined the Moscow State Circus’ and their reaction is ‘what?!’
What are your mentors like?
Lovely. They are a married couple and their first language is Russian. It has taken a while but they are so patient with me and really positive. It is a lot of strength work and it is so tough.
How would you feel if you reached the final?
I would love to as I have put 100 per cent effort into it. It would be the most incredible thing. I hope people will enjoy the performance and I will try my best. Either way, I have still had an amazing time and learned something new. Am I nervous? I don’t tend to get nervous in the run up to something. At the moment, I am feeling ok. 
I feel so blessed to be doing this. Going in the jungle, travelling the world – I come from a normal working class background and all these opportunities have been opened up to me. I feel so lucky. 
Matthew Wolfenden and Natalie Anderson
Act: Quick Change
Mentor: Keelan Leyser's Quick Change Act 
Why did you want to learn this trick?!
Matthew. I loved the concept! As soon as I saw the video clip of what they wanted us to do, I got straight on the phone to Natalie and told her we had to do it. I knew it was going to be so much fun. One of the changes takes about half a second – incredible. Even now after being led into the secret of how to do it, I still can’t believe it. It amazes me that we do various things!
Natalie. I was giddy with excitement because I thought it would be really funny. I thought we could be Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee. I didn’t realise how hard it was going to be. There is no room for error.
Have you put your heart and soul into this?
Matthew. Oh God yeah. I was so passionate about Dancing On Ice and we are both the kind of people that like to get things right. What we really want to do is impress people with what we have learned. 
Natalie. Yes but we haven’t got it right once! It’s not like a dance routine where we can just start from the beginning again!
What is the hardest thing to master?
Matthew. I have already mastered working with Natalie Anderson, which is probably the most difficult thing! Jokes aside, the hardest aspect is trying to make the routine look very easy when it is not. It’s quite technical. For me, the most nerve-wracking thing is if it goes wrong on the night because we are going to give away how it works!
Natalie. Making everything look so effortless. I don’t want to give the game away. I want to make it look as though it is second nature. This is the toughest thing I have ever done and one step out of timing and it knocks everything. 
Is it nice working with each other on a project outside of Emmerdale?
Matthew. Yes it’s brilliant. She is as passionate as me about doing these things. It’s exciting. 
Natalie. Yes but he is very strict with me! We are not on an equal footing and we have been bickering more! I don’t like being told what to do. It has brought us together but in a different way!
Are you nervous?
Matthew. I have been so nervous. Even when we have done it in the rehearsal room, I have been shaking. It is more nerve-wracking than Dancing On Ice. With the ice-skating, the pressure was all on you.  If you got it wrong, you fell over and people expected you to fall over. The pressure with this is if you get it wrong, we are going to give away a magic trick. It’s a big deal. It is their livelihood.
Natalie. I am actually really looking forward to it. I want to get it nailed. I am excited. 
Do you think you will sleep the night before the trick?
Matthew. Let’s see how the last rehearsal goes! We just don’t know what acts we are going to be up against. We might be up against someone with a far more dangerous act. You just do not know how it will go on the night. 
Will you be doing this trick on the set of Emmerdale?
Matthew. We have had a few funny looks in the Green Room when we have been going over our dance moves! 
Natalie. Everyone has said we should! I would absolutely love it. 
So is this the start of a new career?!
Matthew. Possibly. If we don’t get a new contract, we could go up on the cruise ships. 
Natalie. If it all goes wrong, we could do a bit of song, dance and magic! This whole experience has been amazing. To be trusted with this has been fantastic and I am really chuffed we have done it. It’s nice to do something different. 
And finally, how would you feel to win?
Natalie. OMG! Don’t be ridiculous! I would be thrilled. If we won, it would be amazing. During our first rehearsal, it went so wrong, I nearly had the whole of my backside out because the change didn’t happen properly! I stood there and thought ‘this CANNOT happen on the night’!
Chelsee Healey
Act: Aerial Silks
Mentor:  Starfiz Aerial
So how are you feeling about performing a silks routine?
It’s been such hard work! I am so bruised! But I am up for a challenge and that is the reason why I decided to take this on. It is different and it sounded fun. Although I must admit I did not even know what silks was. I said yes to something I did not know what I was getting myself in too.
What does the act involve?
It’s all from the ceiling. You do different movements and it is way harder than it looks. 
What’s been the toughest thing to get right?
Having the body strength to hold myself up there. There are different drops and I haven’t really got my head around it all. I am so scared.
Do your arms ache a lot?!
Yes. I have to go to physio shortly because my neck, back and shoulders are in bits. I have had so much trouble in training and I’ve been going to the physio every two days because my back is so sore. 
Were you fit before you took on this challenge?
No I wasn’t. I have been socialising and eating so I haven’t worked out for a while. It’s a shock to the body. I have been using muscles I did not know existed. I have been in absolute agony. I have trained for about three hours every day but I can’t do it every day as your body can’t take it.
Has the training been great for toning up?
No! I love my food and now I have been training, I tell myself I can justify eating more!
Have you enjoyed the experience?
It’s been amazing. My trainer has been absolutely brilliant and so helpful. The opportunity to come away with a new skill is amazing. Yes it is hard work but it is also great fun.
Will you be carrying this on afterwards then?
No! But I also want to see how the performance goes first.
Will you be nervous?
I will be a nervous wreck. I always am at these things. When I am up in the air, I am hanging on for dear life! It’s scary! You really do have to concentrate on getting the balance right. 
How would it feel to win?
Amazing and I would be very proud. I’d know I had achieved something. 
Is this harder than Strictly?
It’s hard to compare them, as they are very different skills. 
But do you like stepping out of your comfort zone?
I really do. I love acing but I find these shows fun. They are a challenge. 
What will your fellow actors say when they watch you?
They will be shocked, as will my family. I hope I make them proud.
Do you have any regrets?
No. It’s been amazing and so much fun. The pain has been worth it!