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Sugar Free Farm

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    Tue 09 Feb 2016
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    Week 06 2016 : Sat 06 Feb - Fri 12 Feb
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“I’m not proud to admit this but I did have a Burger King at Malaga Airport, and I did have a caramel sundae. I just gave in, I was weak.” - James ‘Arg’ Argent
Going cold turkey from sugar can be seriously tough and Sugar Free Farm sets out to put this to the test. Six famous faces undergo a dietary experiment: living entirely without sugar for two weeks. Turning their backs on the modern food industry, they live and work on a country farm in return for their share of healthy, wholesome food. Breaking their addiction to sugar will push their bodies to the limits.
Embarking on the radical regime are musical theatre star Jane McDonald, comedian Rory McGrath, quiz mastermind and Chaser Mark Labbett, actress Tupele Dorgu, TOWIE’s James ‘Arg’ Argent and dancer Jennifer Ellison.
Living in a farm worker’s cottage on Laverstoke Park Farm, set deep in the Hampshire countryside, over the course of the two weeks the celebrities’ roles are split and rotated with four of them working on the farm during the day and two tasked with preparing and cooking the sugar-free meals.   
Morning breaks on day 10 of Sugar Free Farm’s two-week experiment and it appears that lifestyle changes have really taken place, with Rory just back from a morning run declaring: “Without sounding like a born-again sugar-free person, I’ve actually felt every morning really quite good and quite energetic.”
And Jennifer adding: “When I came in I didn’t actually think I’d become sugar-free at all, but it’s really educated me. It opened my mind to what we are feeding our bodies and what I’m feeding my children.”
However, one of the celebrities is about to face real temptation, as Arg is flying off to Spain for filming commitments with TOWIE, and says: “It’s Marbella, this ain’t a farm, locked away in your bedroom where you can’t even go to a shop if you want to. This is going to be high-risk situations everywhere, temptations everywhere. It’s not going to be easy.”
But there is still lots of work to be done on the farm, as the famous faces set about sheep wrangling, repairing fences, cleaning out the pigs, carrot picking and, for Tupele and Rory, assisting the vet in administering pregnancy tests on the farm’s buffalo stock.
Though Tupele is somewhat shocked that the laws of the farmyard can be rather brutal: “I learnt that if a buffalo isn’t very good at giving milk and she’s not pregnant, she’s burgers. It’s awful!”
Later, with Arg now over in sunny, sugary Spain, the rest of the group head out to be challenged with ordering sugar-free meals from a standard pub menu, showing them the issues they’ll soon be facing back out in the real world when they discover in just how many places sugar lurks.
Any irate Jennifer says: “It should be changed. They should be forced to make more sugar-free options. To be honest with you now, the more I’m looking at it now I’m in the real world I’m becoming a bit angry.”
Also in tonight’s final episode, the celebrity farmhands face sugary temptations when nutritionist Angelique Panagos prepares a taster of what awaits them back on the outside world: a tableful of sugar-laden food and drink. Will any of the celebrities be lured back to their old ways?
And Angelique is in for a shock when Arg returns from Marbella with a confession: “Well, basically, I’m not proud to admit this, I did have a Burger King at Malaga Airport on the way back. I’m not going to lie…and I did have a caramel sundae. I just gave in, I was weak.”
After two sugar-free weeks on the farm, the celebrities’ last day arrives and they throw a party to celebrate, complete with a sugar-free feast, and they raise a toast to Sugar Free Farm, reflecting on their experiences, with Jennifer saying: “It’s really made me, as a mum, completely re-evaluate my diet and my boys’ diets.”
However, as cameras catch up with the celebrities six weeks later, it seems some are faring better than others with their sugar-free lives.