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Joanna Lumley’s Home Sweet Home – Travels in My Own Land

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    Tue 16 Feb 2021

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    Week 07 2021 : Sat 13 Feb - Fri 19 Feb

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    Wed 03 Feb 2021

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Joanna Lumley’s Home Sweet Home – Travels in My Own Land 

Series overview

“I seem to have spent a lifetime travelling the world, but as I get older, I realise there’s so much of my own country I haven’t seen. So, I decided that using my traveller’s eyes…I’m going to turn that vision onto this country, the place that I now call home.” Joanna Lumley.

After a lifetime of travels that have taken her across the globe, Joanna Lumley is making her most personal journey yet. Over three episodes, she’ll travel from the Yorkshire Dales to St Michael’s Mount, from the Highlands of Scotland to the cobbles of Coronation Street, retracing old steps, meeting inspiring people, and exploring the wonders of the country she calls home.

Produced by Burning Bright Productions for ITV.

Episode 3

Episode three takes Joanna from North Wales to the West Country, ending in her home town of London.

After stopping in the slate quarries of Blaenau Ffestiniog, Joanna heads to Carmarthen to meet GoCompare singer Wynne Evans.

In Cornwall she visits the legendary St Michael’s Mount, before heading to Southampton to meet a family of Travelling Showpeople who have been in the fairground business for generations. She also meets a couple who have ‘re-wilded’ their 3500-acre country estate.

Ending her journey in London, Joanna tracks down Allan Willmott, 95 part of the Windrush Generation whose face she spotted at Tilbury at the beginning of her journey and reflects on what she has seen in her travels.

Joanna’s first stop in episode three is Blaenau Ffestiniog in Wales, where she explores the astonishing landscape created by Victorian slate miners who extracted the slate from underground and then dumped the waste material on the hillsides.

She says: “This landscape feels like the side of the moon or something, it doesn’t feel like the British Isles at all here.”

As she leaves, Joanna boards a restored steam train and makes the journey down the mountainside track which was originally constructed to serve the slate mines.

Joanna heads to Carmarthen where she meets GoCompare singer Wynne Evans who shows her around the Carmarthen theatre his parents saved from demolition before singing her a Welsh love song.

Joanna’s next stop is the Brecon Beacons where she visits a Red Kite feeding station and is mesmerised watching the birds flying above her.

Joanna says: “Oh what a joy to see these beautiful birds up close. They are magnificent.”

Joanna travels to Somerset and to a farm which has been making cider for over 200 years. She watches the apples being harvested and pressed, then samples the final product.

Next Joanna gets wrapped up and heads to Dartmoor to witness a Druid celebration of an ancient pagan feast.

She says: “It was lovely. I think a lot of people just now are lost, but this was such a wonderfully peaceful ceremony so full of love and blessing, celebration and kindness. There wasn’t a single cross word.”

In Cornwall Joanna gets a boat across to the tiny picturesque island of St Michael’s Mount, which has only 24 people living on it.

And in Southampton Joanna meets a family of Travelling Showpeople who have been in the fairground business for six generations. The head of the family shows Joanna around the fair, takes her on a ride and gets her some candy floss from his wife’s stall.

Finally, as she heads back to London, Joanna meets with Allan Wilmot, who came to England as part of the Windrush Generation and formed a band that performed with Shirley Bassey and Tommy Steele.

As her journey draws to a close, Joanna says: “What an extraordinary journey this has been. After a lifetime of travelling all around the world, I’ve discovered that the country that has surprised and dazzled me the most is the one that I’ve taken for granted. I’ve travelled the length and breadth of this land and what I have learned, above all, is that we are a community, we are a sort of family and our strength lies in our differences.”