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The Jonathan Ross Show is back for a brand new series on ITV in January 2015.
This Saturday, Jonathan welcomes Stephen Fry in his first television interview since his wedding, Felicity Jones, Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, and Hollywood movie star and comedian Kevin Hart.
STEPHEN FRY opens up about proposing to his husband and married life in his first TV interview since his wedding. He also suggests that he may reunite with Hugh Laurie!
FREDDIE FLINTOFF revealed that he is scared of the dark and talked about celebrating his Ashes win
FELICITY JONES speaks about getting Stephen Hawking’s approval for film The Theory of Everything and said she won’t be preparing a speech following her Oscar and BAFTA nominations
KEVIN HART opens up about his tough childhood and admits he had to stand on a ramp when filming with Snoop Dogg
In The Jonathan Ross Show - which airs at 9.20pm on Saturday 7th February - Jonathan speaks to newlywed, Stephen Fry; Cricket pro, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff; Award nominated actress, Felicity Jones and US funny man, Kevin Hart.
English comedian, actor and writer Stephen Fry joined Jonathan Ross in his first television interview since getting married last month. Speaking to Jonathan, he opened up about the engagement, married life and revealed that he may reunite with his comedy double act partner, Hugh Laurie.
Speaking to Jonathan about his recent wedding to Elliot Spencer, Stephen spoke about why the couple decided to marry in Norfolk: “We chose it because it’s a small market town, they call it ‘the heart of Norfolk’ that’s it’s little slogan and a wonderful, wonderful registrar had taken it upon herself with a great deal of pride… they decided that our wedding should be private and the wonderful [registrar] Linda put a false date into the computer incase it was being hacked or incase there was a mole… And it meant that Elliot and I were able to be conjoined without any photographers or journalists which was really nice.”
Stephen - who said the newlyweds are planning a big celebratory wedding bash in the summer - opened up about the first time he met his spouse: “We met at a friend’s house and I knew pretty much straight away that this was someone I wanted to spend, what I considered, the rest of my life with. Whether he thought the same because he’s got rather a lot more [life to go than me].” Joking about the age gap between the pair, Stephen continued: “There is an age difference and I keep forgetting which way round it is but I think he’s younger than me… but I don’t mind…” Looking fondly at a picture of him and his husband cutting their cake, Stephen said, “Sorry I go all gloopy about it, it’s ridiculous.”
Stephen revealed details of his proposal which took place in a London restaurant, and admitted it nearly didn’t quite go to plan: “I kind of knew that he’d say yes, we had kind of danced around the subject [of marriage] and I bought a ring and waited for him to pop off to the loo and put the ring on the prongs of a fork so that he would see it as he started to eat. I thought it would be charming.” Speaking fondly, Stephen continued: “Of course he came back and he started chatting and he started playing with the fork and I thought ‘for God’s sake look at the fork’ - you don’t really ever look at forks do you - and I thought ‘he’s going to pick it up and the ring is going to fly off into that lady’s soup… but fortunately he just in time caught sight of it and it was a very teary and splendid moment.” Looking ahead to his honeymoon, Stephen said, “We are going off to a secret location as honeymoon’s must be.” 
On the public’s reaction to the news of his union, Stephen said he is overjoyed when people from the public congratulate him: “It’s just so moving, I find it wonderful and I’m so proud to live in a country where that seems to be the absolute majority view and long may it be and I’m sure in a very short time, it won’t even be worth considering a mention [because it will be usual.]”
Speaking about a possible reunion with his friend Hugh Laurie - with whom he performed A Bit of Fry and Laurie - Stephen said: “We do miss it, I see him as often as possible… and we just fit right back into our old modes of speech and silliness and it’s divine… We talk about [performing together again] but generally speaking feel that sketch comedy is a young person’s game.” Speaking about his ambitions to perform on stage within the comedy double act, Stephen revealed: “Never say never. We talk about it and who knows? Maybe I think the thing we’d most like to do - because it’s somehow just more direct and fun than recording sketches in a studio - is to go on the road and play theatres and things, not necessarily stadiums exactly but nice [venues].”
Stephen - who will host the BAFTAs for the tenth time this weekend - spoke of his nerves ahead of the big day: “I still get a kick, I have to be honest… Whenever I stop getting nervous, I get a round of nervousness saying ‘why aren’t you nervous? For heaven’s sake be nervous’ then I get almost sick with fear.”
Professional English Cricketer, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, spoke to Jonathan about celebrating after the Ashes and being afraid of the dark,
Speaking about his recent return to the field playing the Big Bash tournament following retirement, Freddie said the game and players are different to when he played: “I retired in 2009… My knees are full of metal and my ankles are shot… The dressing room was a whole new experience, I sat there and I got my top off and my belly is hanging over my trousers and you’ve got abs and muscles and things [in front of you on the younger players], so I was in the toilets getting changed on my own, it was awful!”
On the tournament - which he played in Australia recently - Freddie said he felt he only played one game well: “My mind was still willing but my body was just knackered.” He said he would return and play again if asked, “I would if someone would pay me but I don’t think they’ll want me!”
Teetotal Freddie revealed how he celebrated following the Ashes win a decade ago: “I was probably a binge drinker [then] but I had about six binges a week… We’d not won it [the Ashes] for a few years and we managed to win and I celebrated and before I knew, it was eight o’clock in the morning and we had to go on a open bus tour of London which I don’t remember a great deal about.”
Speaking about his biggest fear, Freddie - who stands tall at over 6 foot - admitted he is terrified of the dark: “I’ve got a bit of history. I don’t like the dark… We were in Zimbabwe on one of the tours and one of the lads was telling ghost stories  and I didn’t like it. I ended up sleeping with [my mate Rob Key]... because I was frightened. It was the weirdest thing ever because I was quite a big lad, he was a big lad and we were in a single bed and I was spooning him all night.”
Oscar and BAFTA nominee, Felicity Jones, spoke to Jonathan about award season and gaining Stephen Hawking’s seal of approval for the film The Theory of Everything in which she plays his wife, Jane.
Speaking about the moment she learnt she was nominated for an Oscar, Felicity revealed she wasn’t initially going to be awake to hear the result: “You are told you’ll get a phone call at 5.30am. I just thought I’ll sleep through it, I wasn’t really expecting a nomination… I thought, ‘it’s fine, I’ll wake up at 10am and it’ll all have happened and I’ll probably be commiserating… so I can just spend the day in bed’ but then I woke up at about 4am, just sprung up… So I just nervously waited then I got a phonecall saying I’d been nominated.”
On the first words to come out of her mouth when she heard the news, Felicity said she was speechless: “There were no words, there was just lots of hyperventilating and exclamations and screaming and jumping around in my pyjamas!” And on the words that will come out of her mouth if she wins the accolade, Felicity said she won’t be preparing a speech: “I’m so chaotic and disorganised and scatty that it won’t be ready.”
The great physicist, Stephen Hawking, is the subject of Felicity’s most recent film in which she played his wife, Jane. Speaking about whether the scientist approved of the film, Felicity said she felt they were given his blessing: “In an early cut of the film we had a different version of his voice and then after he had seen the film, he very kindly gave us his real voice to use, his mechanical voice so that felt like we had his blessing.”
Sharing stories about meeting the professor, she said: “He has such a dry sense of humour… He has a real rockstar energy… He had seen a screening of the film… and afterwards he was like ‘Can we go to to a nightclub? Let’s go out and party!’ which I love!”
Speaking about a time when he also met Stephen Hawking, Freddie joked about sharing alcoholic shots with him: “I met him… It was at [comedian] Jimmy Carr’s house… He said ‘do you fancy doing some tequilas with Steve?’ Well I’ll do tequilas with anyone and we went into his kitchen and it was Stephen Hawking!”
US comedian, Kevin Hart, spoke to Jonathan about his childhood and working with Snoop Dogg.
Kevin - who had a difficult childhood - opened up about how growing up influenced his comedy: “I was raised by a single mother. Dad was on drugs, in and out of jail, not around too much… Here’s how I see it - my dad was supposed to do drugs so I could see what not to do… I had a point blank view of what drugs can do to an individual.”
“For years I thought my dad was in the army and out of the army, that’s what he used to tell me… As  I got older then I could start to tell and my brother - when he felt that I was old enough to understand - that’s who told me and broke it to me and that’s when reality hit but it is what it is.”
On his 2004 comedy film, Soul Plane, in which Kevin played opposite Snoop Dogg and Method Man, Kevin revealed that the producers had to build him a ramp because of his short stature: “So Snoop [Dogg] and Method Man were 6ft 6 and 6ft 4. I stand 5ft 4 maybe 5ft 4 and a half with a good heel. They built a ramp for me so when we did scenes together I had to walk up a ramp… because the cameras couldn’t get me in the same shot as Snoop and Method Man so literally, they built a ramp for me so I could be in the same shot!”