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Mr Selfridge

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    3 of 10

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    Series 3
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    Sun 08 Feb 2015
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 07 2015 : Sat 07 Feb - Fri 13 Feb
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Episode 3
Standing proud on the roof terrace of Selfridge’s, HARRY announces the launch of the store’s biggest beauty event to the press. KITTY is literally on top of the world as she assists HARRY, presenting her best side to photographers before releasing balloons with gift vouchers to mark the spectacular event. On the back of the successful Beauty event, KITTY sees an opportunity and boldly plays the family card - convincing HARRY to give CONNIE a job assisting MISS MARDLE.
In store, MISS MARDLE has breathed new life into the fashion department. GORDON congratulates GRACE on her appointment as Head of Accessories and is chuffed when she accepts his friendly proposal to celebrate. HARRY gives the surplus female staff an emotional, personal farewell. As the dismissed women start to leave Selfridge’s, loitering ex-servicemen outside the store CHARLIE and SILAS overhear MISS ELLIS remarking to CONNIE that she’ll never find work this good again. A disgruntled CHARLIE comments that she should go back and keep house! Societal tension between demobbed soldiers and workingwomen is very much alive. 
HARRY has raised the cash for the Selfridge Estate housing project himself, successfully securing a personal loan of £30,000. A confident HARRY is in his element as he bids for land at auction, but is shocked when LOXLEY bids against him - pushing the price sky high. HARRY is enraged by LOXLEY’s presence and warns him to keep away from his affairs - but LOXLEY isn’t deterred. HARRY finds out that SERGE told LOXLEY about his intention to bid for the field and is furious. He confronts SERGE for spilling confidential information, but SERGE is unrepentant. 
Meanwhile, AGNES is still worried about HENRI. She tries to talk to him, but he’s dismissive of her concerns. Frustrated, AGNES takes matters into her own hands and approaches VICTOR for some insight. VICTOR tells her that she can’t even begin to imagine what HENRI has experienced in War, leaving AGNES even more concerned about HENRI’S state of mind. Later, AGNES is blown away by HENRI’S window display – it’s stunning. She feels like he might be back to his old self. However, when HENRI catches her making some last minute finishing touches, he erupts out of nowhere. A huge public row between them ensues – in the Selfridge’s window! Could AGNES and HENRI’s marriage be in trouble? 
NANCY is thrilled that HARRY managed to buy the land, and surprised when he offers her a paid position as Manager of the project. HARRY and NANCY grow closer as they work on the Selfridge Estate together.  HARRY is keen to abandon formalities, and insists that they work on a first name basis…
On leaving the store, FRANK sees an opportunity for his new book: on seeing the ex-servicemen outside the store, he convinces ELSA to let him interview CHARLIE and SILAS in Colleano’s club. As he plies them with more and more drink – out of hours - their disenfranchisement, bitterness and resentment about life after War becomes clearer and clearer. After the booze-filled interview, CHARLIE and SILAS loiter outside Selfridge’s begging. They are spoiling for a fight, and trouble ensues when KITTY passes by on her way home… 
Series overview
Following the ratings success with British, US and international audiences, ten new episodes of ITV Studios’ lavish period drama Mr Selfridge, starring Emmy award-winning American actor, Jeremy Piven, have been produced by ITV Studios for ITV.
The drama is inspired by the life of charismatic American entrepreneur, Harry Gordon Selfridge, whose business in London’s Oxford Street has become a much-loved institution. 
This new series is the third instalment in the fascinating rise and fall of this colourful but troubled man and picks up in 1919 just after the end of World War I. 
The information contained herein is strictly embargoed from all press, online and social media use, non-commercial publication, or syndication until Tuesday 3 February 2015.