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Call The Cleaners

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    Tue 19 Feb 2019
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    7.30pm - 8.00pm
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    Week 08 2019 : Sat 16 Feb - Fri 22 Feb
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Episode 3
Extreme cleaners Yvonne and Angela clean up an abandoned house in Wales; Maxine and Jasmine take on a house full of cats, fur and; and Steve and Jo are confronted with what could be Britain’s grimiest kitchen.
In Wales, extreme cleaning sisters Yvonne and Angela are called to a large house which was abandoned after its young owner had been struggling to cope. The whole place is littered with mouldy food and rubbish, there is an infestation of mice and things go from bad to worse when the water tank leaks, spreading water throughout the house. In Stevenage, mum and daughter cleaning team Maxine and Jasmine are tackling a house that was – until recently – home to twelve cats. The whole property is covered in cat hair and poo as well as dead flies. It’s a huge job that needs to be completed in three days. And in Thetford ex-army man Steve takes on what could be one of Britain’s grimiest kitchens. With eight years worth of built-up grease and an oven that has never been cleaned, they have an uphill mountain to climb. Thankfully Steve has a secret weapon in the back of his van to cut through the worst of the burnt-on grime.
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