Cold Case Detectives

Cold Case Detectives

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Week 12 2023 : Sat 18 Mar - Fri 24 Mar

Thu 16 Mar 2023

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Cold Case Detectives

Series overview

In this new three-part crime documentary series, detectives are on the trail of a child killer in a 60 year old murder case. 

Using the latest developments in forensic science to uncover new evidence, a specialist team of cold case detectives from South Wales Police are determined to finally get justice for six-year-old Carol Ann Stephens. 

The little girl disappeared from the streets of the Cathays area of Cardiff in 1959 and her body was found more than 50 miles away in West Wales two weeks later. 

Featuring interviews with cold case detectives, forensic experts and friends of Carol along with archive footage and reconstructions, this series follows the team across the three episodes as they revisit old crime scenes, interview new witnesses and re-examine crucial pieces of evidence kept in storage for more than six decades. 

For one seasoned detective the murder of schoolgirl Carol is a case that’s close to his heart - he was childhood friends with her. With exclusive access to the unit, the documentary also follows members of the team as they investigate other historic murders, rapes and sex crimes using the latest techniques.

This is an ITV Cymru Wales production for ITV

Episode 3

In the third episode, the team tracks the case of Roland Long, who is in custody after his DNA matched a rape in Cardiff committed in 1980. Long’s DNA was found in a semen stain left on the victim's skirt, and his profile was already on the national database because he had previously been convicted of a string of sexual assaults.








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