DNA Journey

DNA Journey

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Week 13 2023 : Sat 25 Mar - Fri 31 Mar

Wed 15 Mar 2023

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DNA Journey

DNA Journey returns to ITV1 and ITVX  for a fourth series, as once again, we follow four new celebrity duos who set off on a quest to discover where they come from and unearth secrets from their past in a life changing and emotional voyage of discovery.

Episode 4

Presenting and dancing supremos, sisters and best friends, Oti and Motsi Mabuse, are heading on a journey across their glorious homeland of South Africa - to discover their extraordinary family history. In one of DNA Journey’s most moving episodes yet, the women will connect with exceptional cousins and unearth incredible family stories.

The sisters have tried to explore their history before, but with records for black South Africans almost non-existent, going on their DNA journey is the last roll of the dice to discover their roots. In a post-apartheid South Africa, the two women are determined to reclaim their history, and that of so many black South Africans, who through forced migration lost family ties. It’s also a personal voyage of discovery, such as where do their showbiz genes come from and in a family full of powerful women, will they find a positive story about their male ancestors?


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