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    Series 2
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    Wed 23 Mar 2016
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 12 2016 : Sat 19 Mar - Fri 25 Mar
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James Norton (Happy Valley, War and Peace) reprises his role as Sidney Chambers, the charismatic, charming, crime-fighting clergyman, and Robson Green (Strikeback, Wire In The Blood) returns as his partner in crime, Detective Inspector Geordie Keating, in the second series of Grantchester.
Episode 4
As the trial of local teen Gary Bell approaches, Sidney and Geordie find themselves at loggerheads regarding his guilt – not even building a go-kart together can get them to see eye to eye. Sidney's mind is taken off these matters when he finds the anxious Reggie Lawson [Paul Nicholls] at the graveside of his dead wife, Anna.  Convinced that she still haunts his home and stable yards following her suicide he implores Sidney to come to his estate, Kingsbrook and perform an exorcism for him.
Believing this to be a husband's desperate grief, Sidney goes with Reggie to investigate his claims.  There he meets Reggie’s new wife Kitty [Eliza Hope Bennett], their housekeeper Mrs. Elton [Jenny Ogilvie] and Anna’s brother, Laszlo Herzl [Elliot Levey].  With Anna’s signature perfume still hanging in the air, a painting falling from the wall of its own accord and a horse fatally kicking out after being spooked, Reggie's fears seem to have some foundation, although Kitty is quick to point out their coincidental nature. After offering prayers and council, Sidney leaves hoping that his words have given Reggie some solace. But that night, Geordie summons Sidney back to Kingsbrook: Reggie has hanged himself in the exact same spot as Anna died. 
Meanwhile, the Redmond’s and Sidney’s parishoners are unhappy when Sidney stands as a witness for the defence in Gary’s case.  Are his principles going to cost him his flock? With Sidney’s sister Jen [Fiona Button] throwing a party in London, it’s a chance for Sidney to escape and take Margaret out on his arm. But when Amanda shows up with Guy [Tom Austen], it's clear that his own feelings are still conflicted. 
At least investigating Reggie's death gives Sidney and Geordie a shared goal again. Why would Reggie take his life when his finest horse is set to triumph at the next race? And with an almost identical suicide to his late wife, why are some of the key details different? But is one shared case enough to get these best friends back on track - especially after Sidney takes the stand? Whatever the outcome of the trial - and the case - Sidney seems set on a course of action that threatens his friendship with Geordie...