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Ainsley's Mediterranean Cookbook

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    Sun 12 Apr 2020

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    Week 16 2020 : Sat 11 Apr - Fri 17 Apr

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    Tue 31 Mar 2020

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Episode 4

Ainsley is on a foodie voyage across the Mediterranean and this week he explores the Nuoro region of Sardinia where his guide Claudio takes him to meet his parents who run a tiny local bakery specialising in pane carasau, a thin crispy bread that’s found all over the island.

Ainsley uses some in his first dish, pane frattau, layers of bread, tomato sauce and cheese topped with a poached egg, brunch is served.

Next Claudio takes Ainsley his family’s citrus farm to discover a uniquely Sardinian fruit, the pompia. A citrus so bitter it’s never eaten raw but makes a fabulous liqueur, which Ainsley uses in his Pompia Paradiso cocktail. 

Then its off into the hills to cook a traditional sheep stew with some real-life shepherds before visiting one of the islands ancient archaeological sites and cooking up a true Italian classic, with a Sardinian twist, fregola minestrone.