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What Would Your Kid Do?

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    4 of 6

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    Sun 14 Apr 2019

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    7.00pm - 8.00pm

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    Week 16 2019 : Sat 13 Apr - Fri 19 Apr

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    Tue 02 Apr 2019


Episode 4


Series overview


Jason Manford returns with a new series of What Would Your Kid Do?


The show which asks how well we really know our kids, by challenging parents to guess what their children will do in a variety of entertaining situations.


Each show sees children filmed in a school specially rigged with hidden cameras. The kids think they’re taking part in a variety of classroom activities and games, unaware that we’re actually testing everything from empathy and lateral thinking to curiosity and rule breaking.


Back in the studio, Jason challenges the parents to predict what their child will do in each situation: providing a fascinating, surprising and hilarious insight into the developing minds of 5, 6 and 7 year-olds.


The family with the most correct predictions goes through to the final. But on this show, it’s not the adults choosing the prizes… it’s the kids. 


Q&A with Jason Manford


How was filming series 2?


Jason said: “It was a lot of fun filming series 2, they’ve stepped up the game play a little bit more because we were aware that having had series one under our belt parents could try and train their kids to behave and answer certain ways for the second series. But what we found out is you can’t train a kid, there’s nothing you can do – a kid is a kid and will do what it wants. It’s been a lot of fun watching the parents faces as their kids didn’t do what they expected them to do.”


Are there any highlights or funny moments from the series that stand out?


Jason says: “There were lots of lovely moments in series 2, it’s hard to pick out a favourite but I always love the last round when they have to choose the holiday or the toy, it’s just such a funny scenario to put them into. But it’s mostly just the quick wittedness of the kids, you forget how funny children can be when you give them a bit of space.”


He adds: “I remember one great kid and we were doing something with rats and a rat expert said rats are really clever, like the most clever animals and this kid was saying ‘no way are they’ and this seven year-old lent right into the cage and looked right into the rats eyes and said ‘Alright mate, if you’re so clever….what’s my name?’.


Would your kids like to be on the show and are you always amazed how the parents react?


Jason says: “My kids would have looked under every box and picked every toy basically…they are desperate to be on the show but I’ve said no..not a chance!.” Adding: “It’s always great to see as people come along and think they either have an angel or a devil or somewhere in between – but they’re always surprised there are parents that think their kid will get everything wrong actually do really well and the parents that think they have a little angel soon find out when we’re not there this kid isn’t quite as perfect as we thought.”