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In For A Penny

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    Sat 18 Apr 2020

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    7.30pm - 8.00pm

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    Week 17 2020 : Sat 18 Apr - Fri 24 Apr

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    Mon 06 Apr 2020

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Series overview

Stephen Mulhern will once again be let loose in towns and cities across the UK challenging the Great British public to take part in hilariously silly games in the popular ‘on the street’ gameshow, In For A Penny. 

Nowhere is safe as Stephen will pop up at a host of brand-new locations all over the UK asking shoppers for a penny to take part - there is no contactless on this show.  

The people of Great Britain beware, Stephen could be heading to your town – are you ready to open your suitcases, get soaked with water or balance fruit and veg on your body in the hope of winning a cash prize?   The world famous ‘stop watch game’ will also be making a return giving shoppers the chance to bag £1000. 

Episode 4

On tonight’s show Stephen heads to Swansea and challenge members of the public to games such as Balanced Diet, Driving Me Round The Bend, Check It Out, and the finale In For A Penny?   

In Balanced Diet, Stephen challenges contestants to balance as much fruit and veg on their partner in 30 seconds.  Once the time is up they then have to hold their position for a further 10 seconds, if any items fall off they lose. If they successfully complete the challenge the market trader will tot up the value of the fruit & veg and times it by five to calculate their winnings.

In Driving Me Round The Bend, contestants will have just 30 second to reverse park into a designated space.  If they manage to park within the lines they win the money but if any part of the car is on or over the line they leave empty handed. 
In ‘Check It Out’, Stephen is in a supermarket at the tills where he presents unsuspecting shoppers with five items on the conveyor belt. If they can correctly guess whether all five items are more or less expensive than the previous item on the belt, Stephen pays for the entire contents of their trolley.

The popular In For A Penny challenges contestants to five rounds of hilarious games; if they win all five rounds, including the infamous stop-watch game, they bag themselves a whopping £1000.