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Scott & Bailey

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    4 of 8

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    Wed 24 Apr 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 17 2013 : Sat 20 Apr - Fri 26 Apr
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Joe Bevan’s arrest for the murder of wife Eunice was only the beginning. 
Full episode synopsis:
When the job takes Rachel (Suranne Jones) into Strangeways to interview a prisoner, Dom’s fate hits her particularly hard. Locked up for eighteen years with sadistic freaks, Dom’s going to be fit for nothing and it breaks her heart.  In a bid to prove to Sean (Sean Maguire) that she can’t be owned, Rachel starts sleeping under her desk. Until Janet (Lesley Sharp) finds out and invites her back to her house. 
Janet is starting to enjoy being Sergeant, and with Dorothy (Judith Barker) moving in, she can see how it might just work. 
But before she can say as much to Gill (Amelia Bullmore), a new sergeant is appointed, in the shape of bright young thing, Rob Waddington (Danny Miller). And suddenly being 49 and living with your mother doesn’t sound so good.
The story of the week is part one of a shocking two-parter. Having seen her father Joe Bevan (George Costigan) arrested for the murder of her mother Eunice (in Episode 1), Helen (Nicola Walker) turns up on Janet’s doorstep saying that she thinks her brother Michael may be buried in the cellar of the family home. And the reason she thinks that, is because she helped bury him.
But when the remains of a second body are found, the case becomes a Class A-plus, and the formidable Det. Supt. Dodson (Pippa Haywood) is drafted in as the S.I.O, with Gill as her deputy. The first decision they need to make is whether Helen is to be treated as a witness or a suspect. 
As information about the unfolding case starts to appear in the press, it’s clear to Gill that one of her team is taking back-handers and Helen’s safety is put in jeopardy.
Cast list:
Syndicate 9
D.C. Rachel Bailey Suranne Jones 
D.C. Janet Scott Lesley Sharp 
D.C.I. Gill Murray Amelia Bullmore 
D.S. Rob Waddington Danny Miller 
D.C. Kevin Lumb Ben Batt 
D.C. Ian Mitchell David Prosho 
D.C. Pete Readyough Tony Mooney
D.C. Lee Broadhurst Delroy Brown 
Episode 4
Helen Bartlett Nicola Walker
Joe Bevan George Costigan
Det. Supt. Julie Dodson Pippa Haywood
A.C.C. Karen Zalilnski Gabrielle Reidy
Phil Cairns Rupert Procter
Gerry McGonagal Jason Furnival
Louise Caroline Harding
Dorothy Parsons Judith Barker
Elise Scott Olivia Rose Smith
Taisie Scott Harriet Waters