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River Monsters

  • Episode: 

    4 of 5

  • Title: 

    Canadian Horror
  • Transmission (TX): 

    Tue 03 May 2016
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  • Time: 

    7.30pm - 8.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 18 2016 : Sat 30 Apr - Fri 06 May
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From Canada’s waterlogged wilderness come almost unbelievable stories of a twenty-foot lake monster that attacks humans.
These remote backwaters are far too cold and cut-off for either snakes or freshwater sharks, and giant sturgeon are likewise off the suspect list. So what could explain the surprisingly widespread accounts of a large, aggressive beast that rears its reptilian head above the surface?
For freshwater detective Jeremy Wade, investigation turns into obsession as he tries to track down a shadowy predator with a mouth like a bear-trap.
With every failed attempt to catch it pushing him a step closer to insanity, something has to give.