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Wanted: A Family of My Own

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    4 of 4

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    Thu 15 May 2014
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 20 2014 : Sat 10 May - Fri 16 May
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    Last in series
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Episode four
In the fourth programme we meet nine-month-old baby Tom who is waiting to be adopted and couple Grant and Diane who are hoping to adopt after experiencing a tragic loss. 
Baby Tom was just days old when he moved in with foster carers Sean and Danielle.  Born with a genetic disorder, which affects his hearing, his condition means that doctors are uncertain how he will be affected in the future. 
In order to help find adoptive parents for Tom, his social workers take his details to an adoption exchange day, held to show would-be adopters some of the children who need parents.  One potential adopter Clair takes an interest in Tom.
Clair says: “Straight away from seeing Tom’s information it just clicked I think and I thought this is definitely the one, this is going to be the best match for our family.”
Single mum Clair has three children. Her birth son Christian was born profoundly deaf. When he was eight, Clair adopted a girl who was also deaf and then a few years later she adopted another boy with hearing difficulties as well as other needs.
She said: “I’m from a big family so I thought it would really benefit Christian to have siblings and I wanted another child but I also thought he’d need not to feel different, so another child with similar needs to Christian.”
“My children have come with disabilities and it’s just a small part of that child, the personalities, it doesn’t define them.”
Tom’s family finder Jess, goes to meet Clair to see if she is the right person for Tom. 
Despite already adopting twice before, Clair will still need to go before a panel before she is approved to adopt again.
Edinburgh couple Grant and Diane are a year into the adoption process and are looking to adopt a young sibling group. The couple have been together twelve years after meeting through work and married six years ago. 
They couple knew they would be unable to have their own children as Diane had had cancer before they met and had to undergo a hysterectomy. However Diane’s sister had offered to be a surrogate mother for them. Tragically their baby Lyle was stillborn.
After a period of grieving, Diane and Grant, were still determined to have a family of their own and began to look into adoption. 
Grant said: “We were feeling healthy again and ready to move on and both of us at that point were absolute certain that, yes, adoption was the way that we wanted to go.”
Grant and Diane hope to adopt a sibling group under the age of two years old, but first they must go before a panel to be approved to adopt.
Series overview
The profoundly life changing process of adoption is uncovered in this new four part series. Following the stories of parents desperate to adopt and children who need families, cameras have been granted access into many defining moments of the adoption process; from prospective parents’ meetings with social workers and facing adoption panels, to the moment a child leaves their foster carers and meets their new parents for the first time. 
Presented by Nicky Campbell, himself adopted as a baby, the series sets out to provide an intimate insight into adoption in Britain today, through following at close-quarters the experiences of children and prospective adopters as they progress towards finding a family of their own. 
In showing key stages of each child and each adopter’s experience, Wanted: A Family of My Own, offers a rare perspective on the impact of adoption on the lives of those involved. Looking at why children need new families, the range of people who want to adopt and how the process operates, the series builds an understanding of adoption today which may challenge preconceptions.
Across the series we meet a gay couple who thought they would never become parents, a single mum who is adopting for the third time, a baby boy who was born addicted to crack cocaine and couples who, after struggling with infertility, are finally getting close to having families of their own. The unique access to each story was acquired by working in partnership with local authorities across the UK over a two year period.