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Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai

  • Episode:

    4 of 6

  • Transmission (TX):

    Wed 20 May 2020

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  • Time

    8.00pm - 8.30pm

  • Week:

    Week 21 2020 : Sat 16 May - Fri 22 May

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  • Published:

    Tue 05 May 2020

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Series overview

The Thomas Brothers have been entertaining viewers for 20 years on some of the UK’s most popular TV shows. This new six-part series sees the celebrity siblings like we’ve never seen them before, as they embark on a trip of a lifetime to explore their Indian heritage. 

Joined by father Dougie, a music promoter and lead singer of 70s band Dougie James and the Soul Train, the Thomas Brothers head on the ultimate journey of discovery, exploring their Indian roots in the hope of seeking out long lost relatives.  Along the way, the family will provide their distinctive take on this colourful country bringing their brotherly warmth and affection along with their infectious humour.  

Leaving life in Manchester behind, the boys experience all that India has to offer, from the iconic sights of Mumbai to the glorious beaches of Goa. As the lads immerse themselves in the culture of a country that plays a huge part in their family history, viewers also get an insight into the boy’s undeniable bond as brothers. 

Episode 4

On this week’s instalment, the family finally escape the chaos of the city and head for a spiritual awakening and a taste of paradise in Goa.

Lying on India’s west coast with a huge blend of cultures and 80 miles of beautiful sandy beaches, Goa may be one of the smallest states in India but it’s one of the richest, as each year tourists flock to experience a little taste of heaven in this truly magical place. 

Goa, maybe deemed as the pearl of the orient, but it’s also home to another Thomas cousin. Natasha, the granddaughter of uncle Douglas (Grandad Nolan’s brother), invites the family on one of the area’s beautiful houseboats. As they sample the spectacular scenery of this extraordinary pocket of India, it's soon clear that Natasha has inherited the Thomas’s distinctive and infectious humour.

After speaking to cousin Keshia, Natasha has researched the brothers on social media ahead of their meeting and after talking to Ryan and Adam about their families jokes that Scott is single, much to his brothers’ delight. 

After their meeting with Natasha the brothers decided to sample some of the area’s legendary yoga facilities but whilst relatively fit, the brothers all struggle to master their downward dogs as the instructors put them through their paces.  

In a place renowned for its spiritual enlightenment, the family enlists an energy therapist, but the conversation takes a decidedly different turn as the brothers finally get to have their say and talk to Dougie about how they felt when he left the family home when they were children.

Adam says to dad Dougie that he has “never apologised” adding that as family rather than talk about this, it became the elephant in the room and instead Dougie “turns everything into a joke.” 

Scott addresses Ryan adopting the father role for his young brothers when their father briefly disappeared from their lives, admitting to his father that he is proud of them “as brothers’ and especially proud “of what Ryan’s done as a father figure for us.” 

Adam adds, “He was there when you (Dougie) weren’t and he had to grow up fast when he shouldn’t have had too.”

Adam reflects that being on this trip and seeing how much his dad Dougie idolises his father has highlighted things missing from their relationship as father and sons.  He says, “He (Dougie) knew how it felt for his dad to be a hero and he took that away from us in a way.  I know he’s hurting, I can see it.”

An emotional Ryan confesses, “I missed you every day.  (I was) just waiting for you to come back.” 

Dougie admits regret at what happened in the past, “I didn’t have the strength to (to come back). It broke my heart but I wasn’t strong enough. Don’t ever do what I did.”

After clearing the air the boys and Dougie talk about how the trip has seen them develop an even closer bond, Scott says, “You’ve made this trip for us dad.”

An emotional Adam adds, “We all love you so, so much dad”, to which Dougie responds, “I love you so much too.”

Later Adam remarks, “I thought I was on a lad’s holiday and now we are on a retreat crying our eyes out. We’ve come here to find out about our heritage but really we find out about us as a family.

We’d never have had that chat back home and I feel better for it.”