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Paul O’Grady: For The Love Of Dogs

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    4 of 8

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    Thu 06 Jun 2013
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    8.30pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 23 2013 : Sat 01 Jun - Fri 07 Jun
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Paul O’Grady is back where he belongs, at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, meeting the latest residents to trot through the front door.  From assisting vets during surgical procedures, to hand-rearing puppies and helping to train a naughty beagle, Paul is determined to get his hands dirty like never before.  
Paul meets the dogs who come into the home needing treatment, training and ultimately new homes. Every dog has its own story and each dog needs a new place they can call home.  
There is nowhere quite like Battersea, which is tear-jerking and uplifting in equal measure.  And although Paul immerses himself in the positive work the charity do, he is also forced to confront the heart-breaking reality of stray dogs deserted on the streets and those left starving and mistreated.
In episode four Paul meets Twinkle, a young Lurcher abandoned and left tied to the gates at Battersea’s Kent branch. Battersea’s head vet Shaun examines her: “She’s in a shocking state isn’t she, really emaciated, skin and bones.” 
Paul is devastated by the state poor Twinkle is in: “This is just criminal. What’s happened to you? It’s like rubbing a skeleton with fur on it.” 
Twinkle was only saved thanks to an eagle-eyed security guard and Paul watches the CCTV footage as a man ties Twinkle to the gate during the night. Had the gates been opened, she’d have been crushed. 
Twinkle can’t be rehomed until she’s reached a healthy weight but with a potential new owner waiting in France, the pressure is on to put on the pounds and ever the optimist, Paul decides to teach Twinkle a few words of French in preparation. 
Also this week, Buddy a four-month old Terrier Cross arrives at Battersea. Buddy has a severe case of ADD and bundles of energy, which Battersea dog behaviour expert Brian hopes to put to good use by finding him a place with a dog agility display team. But first Paul needs to put him through his paces in the Battersea agility barn and try not to get too attached in the process.
Paul says: “Look at that face, oh lord this is another one, this is big trouble for me, I don’t know what my lot would say if Buddy turns up, he’s like a cyclone isn’t he?” 
Meanwhile a family come in to reclaim their long lost dog Princess, who has been missing for 18 months but thanks to her microchip, when she arrived in the home staff were able to track her family down. Having been a pup when she disappeared, the Battersea staff warn her family they believe Princess might have been used for breeding and didn’t turn up in the best condition. After an anxious wait, there is an emotional reunion as the family are finally brought back together.