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Love and Marriage

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    4 of 6

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    Wed 26 Jun 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 26 2013 : Sat 22 Jun - Fri 28 Jun
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On Rowan and Tommy’s anniversary, Scarlett receives the bombshell that Rowan called Emma having promised she wouldn’t, potentially destroying the relationship Scarlett had been forging with her mum.
As Scarlett goes to find Emma, Rowan turns to Tommy in her hour of need, only to be abandoned when Tommy’s wife demands that he comes home. While Rowan fears that her idiosyncratic family’s falling apart, Tommy resorts to desperate measures to make sure that doesn’t happen. 
Heather, unable to keep her secret in, tells Ashley that he’s definitely the father of her baby but refuses to discuss it: the baby will be brought up as Charlie’s. Having made that decision she watches sadly as Charlie starts showing signs that he can’t be the dad he’s always promised to be… has Heather made the right choice?
Meanwhile Sarah struggles with Kevin’s irresponsible attitude towards work, Ken pushes Pauline to breaking point, and Martin and Michelle announce to the family that they’ve made a new life choice… but is Martin as happy as he’s making out?