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Long Lost Family

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    4 of 10

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    Mon 26 Jul 2021

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    9.00pm - 10.00pm

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    Week 30 2021 : Sat 24 Jul - Fri 30 Jul

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    Wed 14 Jul 2021

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Long Lost Family

Series overview

The multi award-winning series returns with more extraordinary and moving stories of people desperate to find missing family.

With help from a team of trained intermediaries, DNA experts and investigators, Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall find people that previously couldn't be traced and answer questions that have haunted entire lives.

Across 10 brand new episodes we take on some astonishing searches: from an international and premiership footballer looking for his birth mother after recovering from a brain tumour to a man needing the truth about why he was left as a three-month-old baby in a pram on the street. And even in its 11th series, there are firsts for Long Lost Family: from our oldest ever searcher; an 86-year-old father looking for the daughter he was separated from; to the first search we’ve ever had for a long-lost foster brother.

As Long Lost Family and its popularity demonstrate year on year, knowing your roots and being in touch with your family is incredibly important. And with many viewers having been separated from their loved ones during the pandemic, this series remains immensely poignant and heart-warming.

Episode 4

This week, Paula Stillie is on a quest to discover her identity, and Lisa Harding longs for the sister she’s always wanted.

Paula Stillie has always looked completely different from her white adoptive family in Scotland. Heartbreakingly, as a little girl she covered herself in talcum powder to try and look more like her parents. Although she had a happy upbringing, she’s always wanted to know who her birth family are and where in the world she comes from. Our search for answers leads across the globe with some unexpected surprises.

Meanwhile, Lisa Harding grew up in the north east of England with her single mother Moyra who worked long hours as a hairdresser by day and taxi driver by night. It was a lonely childhood and Lisa always wished for a sister. Then when Lisa was 15, Moyra confided that Lisa actually has an older sister who was given up for adoption before Lisa was born. But the decades went by, and because the subject was painful, they didn’t speak about it again, until Moyra was dying of cancer and she told Lisa of her desire to find her eldest daughter. Now Lisa is on a mission to fulfil her mother’s dying wish.