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Long Lost Family

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    4 of 8

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    Mon 04 Aug 2014
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 32 2014 : Sat 02 Aug - Fri 08 Aug
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This week Long Lost Family returns with the most extraordinary search we have ever undertaken. 
A mother looking for her daughter from whom she was separated when she was just ten days old and that baby’s father who has spent a lifetime yearning for the chance to give his daughter a hug. It’s a search that takes us from Colonial Kenya in the 1950s to the heart of the World War I battlefields in Northern France.
Sixty six year old Inge Dart grew up in Kenya in the dying days of the British Empire. But growing up, she was overshadowed by her domineering mother. At the age of nineteen, when Inge became pregnant with her childhood sweetheart Jeremy, her mother intervened and sent Inge half way around the world to have her baby in secret.
Banished to Surrey, Inge was taken in by a couple who looked after her until her daughter was born. In the ten days that followed, she cared for her baby, knowing time was running out. The only joyous moments were when Jeremy visited and the young couple were able to enjoy what little time they had with their daughter.
The loss of her baby has haunted Inge ever since and she now craves the peace she knows will only come when she sees her daughter once more.
Watch what happens when we take on Inge’s search and, in a first for Long Lost Family, take on her daughter’s search for her father Jeremy.
Series overview
Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell present a brand new series of the Bafta award winning series Long Lost Family, which traces and reunites families who have been apart for most of their lives. 
Across eight episodes, viewers are taken on a moving journey, from the moment relatives reveal how they lost contact with a family member, to being told their loved one has been traced, to their eventual reunion.  
Series four features mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers searching for loved ones who they are desperate to find. The programme travels as far as South Africa and Australia and with the help of Nicky and Davina, families are guided through the heart-rending reunion process.
Davina said: “Long Lost Family is unlike anything else I've ever been involved in - it's emotional, it's heart-warming and it's life changing for the people we reunite. It's such a huge honour to be a part of their stories and ultimately to help them find loved ones.”
In each programme, Long Lost Family explores the background and social context of each family’s estrangement and why it occurred. Many of the people in the series were adopted or gave children up for adoption when they were younger and Nicky Campbell has personal experience of this. He was adopted as a child, before searching for and being reunited with his birth mother and father as an adult.  Nicky is now a patron of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering.
Nicky said: “The previous series have been compelling and emotional and unmissable but I think in this series we have some of the most extraordinary stories that we’ve ever told, from some of the most amazing people.”
During production of Long Lost Family, producers Wall to Wall worked closely with adoption expert Ariel Bruce, a leading independent social worker who specialises in tracing people.  The protocol devised and worked to throughout the making of Long Lost Family complies with current adoption legislation and was modelled on the protocols and best practice that leading Ofsted-inspected adoption support agencies work to when searching for, contacting, reuniting and supporting adopted people and birth relatives.