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Undercover Big Boss

  • Episode:

    4 of 4

  • Transmission (TX):

    Thu 26 Aug 2021

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    9.00pm - 10.00pm

  • Week:

    Week 34 2021 : Sat 21 Aug - Fri 27 Aug

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  • Published:

    Thu 12 Aug 2021

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Undercover Big Boss

Series overview

The global hit series has been supersized and rebooted for ITV and is more timely than ever, as Britain reopens following three devastating lockdowns and UK firms face their greatest challenge, a battle to survive. Undercover Big Boss follows a group of chief execs and company bosses as they swap their power suits for overalls and go in disguise to work on their very own shop floors, to see what really goes on behind closed doors.

With the gap between multi-millionaire bosses and their struggling workers wider than ever, there will be big emotion, big rewards and some big shocks in store as the bosses get their hands dirty.

The four-part series will see bosses from Pickfords, Bristol Street Motors, Wyldecrest Parks, and Euro Foods Group roll up their sleeves and join workers on the bottom rung of the ladder to experience a life they had long left behind. 

Episode 4

This week, it’s the turn of Shelim Hussain MBE, Managing Director of Euro Foods, one of the biggest suppliers of Indian food in Europe.

Having grown his company from an initial investment of £20, thirty years ago, today Shelim’s turnover stands at £200 million and he hopes to double that in the next five years.

But before Shelim puts his supersizing plans in place, he wants to go undercover to make sure his workforce are ready for what’s to come.

Shelim starts his undercover mission with food production worker Jess. Jess has been on the samosa production line for five months, where they have been struggling to achieve Shelim’s target of making six samosas a minute. Shelim thinks this should be easily achievable but what happens when he tries to hit his production targets himself?

Next up, Shelim spends the day with one of his delivery drivers – Akik. As one of the biggest suppliers to the UK restaurant industry, deliveries are a vital part of Shelim’s business. But he soon learns that a lot more is expected of Akik than just making deliveries and he feels that he’s been overlooked and undervalued.

It’s actually Shelim’s daughter Anisah who spends the last day undercover. Having heard that so many of his staff feel unappreciated, Shelim wants to find out why it’s such a different story at his distribution centre in Newcastle, where staff turnover is low and satisfaction rates are the highest of any of his workplaces.

There’s a big chance of being discovered for Shelim, as he knows operations manager Alan. So instead he’s sending daughter Anisah.

What Anisah finds out, calls into question Shelim’s own management style and leads to a re-think of the way he’s running his empire.

In a dramatic finale, we discover what changes Shelim will make to his business as a result of his undercover journey. How will his employees react when the truth is finally revealed?