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    Lake District
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    Mon 24 Aug 2015
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 35 2015 : Sat 22 Aug - Fri 28 Aug
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Travel Guides sends five ordinary British households to review some of the worlds most popular tourist destinations, from an all-inclusive in Tenerife to a five star hotel in Dubai, to see what they can really offer an average Brit.
Each week the same households travel to a different destination and experience identical holidays. Narrator Johnny Vegas guides us through the location, while the households give honest and frank reviews about everything on offer - from the accommodation to the food to the activities. 
We’ve all experienced that bad holiday breakfast, dodgy air con system or disappointing day-trip. These amateur critics are here to make sure you remember your next holiday for all the right reasons…
This year its estimated that three quarters of us Brits will holiday at home in the UK, so our travel guides are visiting the Lake District to get the lowdown on what a week long caravan holiday there offers. Situated in the North West of England, the Lake District is Britain’s biggest outdoor playground and attracts over 15 million tourists from around the world each year. But with the notorious British weather and its rural surrounds, will our reviewers really think it’s better to holiday at home or away?  
The Boyles from Dorset start the trip with great expectations. Having never visited the area they are wowed by the jaw dropping scenery on offer. However it’s not long before they question if a small caravan is enough to accommodate their lively brood of kids. Honor Chapman-Blackwell and her boyfriend Jonjo think a holiday in the Lakes is just for ‘’coffin dodgers’’, and a trip to Keswick pencil museum does nothing to convince them otherwise. In the Brearley family Simon and Jayne face an uphill battle convincing son Ben that hiking up a hill is more beneficial than viewing it at home on google maps and a trip to a local climbing centre nearly spells disaster for model Riah. As she clings to the cliff edge she declare this to be ‘’the worst holiday ever!’’