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Ainsley's Good Mood Food

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    Sat 25 Sep 2021

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    Week 39 2021 : Sat 25 Sep - Fri 01 Oct

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    Wed 15 Sep 2021

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Ainsley's Good Mood Food

Series overview

Join chef Ainsley Harriott in a celebration of delicious food that really boosts your mood.

Ainsley will be cooking in his own happy places, in his kitchen and on the beach – he’ll be showcasing some of the fabulous flavours, incredible ingredients, and marvellous methods that go into meals that simply make you smile!

Episode 4: Honey

Ainsley is buzzing around in his kitchen again as he cooks using honey. He combines honey and chilli for his first dish, honey-chilli spiked lamb with a potato, bean and mint dressing salad.

He travels to North Wales to visit a man who loves spice as much as him, to find out how he blends them with his other love – honey. Laurence treats Ainsley to a pizza drizzled with his hot fire honey. On the beach Ainsley uses honey and spices to create his fiery BBQ glazed pork ribs with mango, black bean and rice salad, sticky, tasty and sure to make you smile.

Joseph meets the founder of Keepr’s to learn about how his passion for honey and bees led to his range of honey infused spirits. Ainsley is feeling sweet with his sticky barbecued peach melba, drizzled with honey, proving fruit and honey are a match made in heaven.

Ainsley wraps up the show with a tantalising tart, full of flavour. He uses honey to enhance the ingredients in his honey and thyme caramelised pear, pecan and cheese tart.