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    Week 39 2017 : Sat 23 Sep - Fri 29 Sep
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Show 4
RUSSELL BRAND speaks about his recent marriage, becoming a father and promises to have “more and more” children
MEL BROOKS shares legendary stories about Alfred Hitchcock and Gene Wilder. Plus he performs a rap with Lewis Hamilton
LEWIS HAMILTON speaks about his career success, retirement plans and single status
PALOMA FAITH speaks all about becoming a new mum and performs a song from her new album
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by comedian, actor and activist, Russell Brand; Legendary director, producer, writer and comic, Mel Brooks; Formula One world champion, Lewis Hamilton and British singer songwriter, Paloma Faith.
Russell Brand joined Jonathan to speak all about his recent marriage, becoming a father and fighting addiction.
Since last appearing on the show, Russell got married to his wife, Laura. On being newlywed, he said: “I like it better. We’ve all got the same name - me, my wife and my baby… It’s good. We have a tribal identity. I’m really, really enjoying it.”
On the idea of a wedding ceremony, he said: “The problem is, is a wedding is a ritual, it’s a ceremony, my imagination gets carried away with me… If you tell me I’m going to a ritual, a ceremony about bonding, about making vows and oaths before God, it gets right in my head. I was terrified the night before, it nearly put me off.”
He continued: “It was ever so lovely to get married. I really, really loved it. I don’t think of it as a social construct, I think of it as a really, really lovely thing. But I did have to keep looking over at the in-laws going, ‘Sorry, Sorry.’ I do that a lot.”
Russell also spoke about daughter, Mabel, saying: “I love that little thing.” 
On fatherhood, he admitted: “I think it would have been difficult to be a father while wrapped up in solipsism, narcissism, endless showing off, that would have been difficult because now I’m finally ready. [Parenthood] demands of you, I am discovering, you can’t be as self centred as you might naturally like to be because of that little tornado of shouting and screaming and chest hair grabbing. Her first word was ‘Ow’ because she thinks ‘Ow’ is a word because she grabs my chest hair all the time and I say, ‘Ow.’ She says it back to me as if it’s communication, rather than just pain,” he laughed.
“Becoming a father, it woke me up to truths that were really inaccessible before it. It’s wonderful to see someone else’s will, someone else’s explosive nature.”
Russell also spoke about being present and involved in the birth of his daughter and also admitted he wants to have several more children: “I was whirling around and I wasn’t a soothing presence, but I was present, I was  really right engaged. No one tells you what goes on on the front line of that. It tore a hole in reality, forgive the analogy, but everything seemed so different… How can everything change so immediately? I felt something turn on in my stomach, everything different from that moment. I want to do it again and again and again. I just want to have more and more babies!”
He also spoke to Jonathan about his new book about recovering addiction.
Of the addictions he has faced, Russell said: “The drug problem, I’m still recovering from it aren’t I, it’s still echoing around in my mad mind. Then there’s the old [whistles] problem, the craving, the lust,” he said, referring to his former struggle with sex addiction.
He continued: “I have used my life as a sort of greedy experiment, gorging myself on all manner of phenomena. There were some brilliant bits, of course there were, some of the bits were really, really brilliant. But mostly what I discovered, nothing has made me feel as good as the kind of connection that I find with people. I can be a bit of a self-centred show off and narcissistic, but when I feel connected to people, when I listen to other people… When I’m of service to other people, I feel a different type of connection that has more value.”
The legendary, Mel Brooks, joined the sofa and shared Hollywood tales and spoke about his new musical, Young Frankenstein.
As he joined the sofa, he told Russell: “You were surprisingly good, I never expected you to be that good! And you’re a lot smarter, a lot dizzier, weirder than I thought. I’ve always liked you but now I really like you.”
He spoke about his new musical being well received when it previewed in Newcastle: “We were up at Newcastle and all these Geordies, they’re great, they stand up in the middle of a number. When they like something, they just stand up and they stood up a lot thank God and they yelled.”
He joked that he couldn’t do a Geordie accent: “I can’t even speak yiddish and I’m jewish!” he laughed.
The Hollywood legend spoke about working on the original Young Frankenstein film, sharing stories of how he knew it would be a success: “I don’t want to brag but, laughter from the crew would actually often spoil a scene in Young Frankenstein. We’re filming and then the crew breaks up and then you’re in trouble. So I went out and bought 100 handkerchiefs, it cost me about 60 bucks, and I gave them to everybody on the crew and I said, ‘When you feel like laughing, shove that handkerchief in your mouth. Don’t laugh and don’t spoil a scene because I can’t keep doing it.’”
Recalling the memory of a particularly funny scene with Marty Feldman and Gene Wilder, Mel said: “There was a sea of white handkerchiefs and I knew I had a hit.”
Mel also spoke about legend, Alfred Hitchcock, and how his own movie, High Anxiety was homage to Hitchcock’s.
“I loved him. I actually knew Hitchcock, he took me to the finest restaurant in Beverly Hills… He sat next to me and I showed him a rough cut of High Anxiety and he laughed only once when the birds were s*itting all over me. Then without a word he got up and just departed, just left… And I said ‘Oh my God, he didn’t like the film, how terrible.’ Next day, I’m at 20th Century Fox, a big box, it’s a box of wine, a very fine French wine, must have been worth 20, 25 thousand dollars arrived, with a little note saying ‘I had no anxiety about High Anxiety it’s a truly wonderful film, love Hitch’... The Master of Suspense.” Mel smiled.
As Lewis Hamilton joined Mel on the sofa, Lewis said: “Firstly I’ve got to say, I’m honoured to be on the stage with you.”
Mel joked to Lewis, who was wearing ripped jeans: “Lewis, they should pay you more and you should get another pair of pants.” 
Racing driving ace, Lewis Hamilton, joined Jonathan and spoke about winning his recent Grand Prix race in Singapore, his rival Sebastian Vettel and his single status.
The current leader in the Formula One World Championships spoke about his recent win at the Singapore Grand Prix.
Lewis - who started the race in fifth position and finished first - said: “I really could not believe it. I said the day before I needed a miracle.”
Jonathan joked with Lewis about having a similar feeling when he plays Mario Kart: “When you’re about to drive, and I have some experience of this, you rev… I play a game called Mario Kart and at the start you rev it up but not too much otherwise it burns out. Have you done that on Mario Kart?” Jonathan asked the racing pro.
“I still play Mario Kart today!” Lewis admitted. 
“Which shell do you like to drop behind you, red or green?” Jonathan quizzed.
The pair compare notes about racing in the game with Jonathan sharing some tips. Jonathan then joked: “I wish I hadn’t told you that because I was just about to challenge you to a match.”
Lewis spoke about being 28 points ahead of his closest racing rival, Sebastian Vettel: “Ultimately I think it’s important to respect people that you’re competing with. He’s an incredible athlete and truly one of the best drivers we’ve seen in the sport so but it is great to have seen some of the weaknesses this year and I’m grateful for the one of recent. I want to win, you want to win because you’re the best, you’ve worked the hardest.” 
Jonathan asked the 32 year old about whether he had considered retirement: “If you look at all the Formula One drivers in the past… When you’re at Formula One you’re in the spotlight, you’re at the top of the world then it’s downhill from then on, you don’t earn the same money, there’s not a huge amount of opportunities because you’ve been in that world for so long, I’ve been there since I was eight. For me at the moment for these past five, six years I’ve really been trying to work on what I enjoy outside of the sport so that when I stop I can walk away and still have other things… Every year I’m always assessing the plan.”
“But you have no plans to retire at the moment?” Jonathan asked.
“No. There’s been talks about it and I definitely have thought about it and there’s been times when I’ve thought there’s other things I want to do, but then we’re in the heat of this battle right now and I’m loving it more than ever. The training, all the work that you put into something and then you get to really show your abilities. It’s the greatest feeling ever so I’m going to keep going for as long as I can and see what I can do,” Lewis replied.
Jonathan asked about Lewis’ life off the track and Lewis admitted he was currently single: “I am. Lucky enough, both my sisters have [made my mum a grandmother] so she’s busy looking after my nieces and nephews and she looks after my dog, so they are like my kids… Honestly I’m just super focussed. Of course, the occasional date here and there, but I’m just trying to win the championship. I have a lot of projects that I’m working on as well.”
Jonathan asked if Lewis was still working on music and Lewis revealed he is and agreed to share it with the show one day: “Yes we sometimes [work on my music] on the race weekends. Most of the time just when I’m travelling.”
Lewis - a fan of Karaoke - performed his favourite karaoke song, ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ by Coolio with Jonathan and fellow guests, Russell Brand and a very impressive, Mel Brooks.
Singer and songwriter, Paloma Faith, joined Jonathan and spoke about being a new mum and her new music.
Speaking about motherhood, she said: “I’m just back to work… It is like the best and the worst thing that I’ve ever done. It’s like Russell was saying, it’s like going to Hell and bringing back some sort of deity from Hell… There’s no accounting for lack of sleep. And actually when I first had my child, I was in the park and I saw these two mums shoving their kids into prams and I stopped - because I was running trying to lose the three stone that I put on - and I was like ‘Props to you both’”
Paloma admitted she had a difficult birth with her child: “[Before I said] ‘I’m going to do hypnobirthing, no drugs, be this perfect Earth Mother’ and then everything that could go wrong went wrong and I had all the drugs imaginable and 20 hours of labour and an emergency Cesarean and a premature baby. So as I said, I went to Hell. It’s the absolute most incredible thing that’s ever happened to me… It’s just like nothing prepares you for it and you enter into this secret club with other parents… Now I finally feel part of something having been an outsider for my entire life.”
“When you meet other people whose relationships are still going strong after multiple children, they deserve medals, it’s amazing. It’s really hard not to resent the man because you go through this and you look at them and you’re like ‘You will never understand what happened to me.’”
Speaking about how her life has been since the birth, she said: “I had some crazy situations… I hadn’t slept for a week and I was delirious and I pressed the buzzer at 4am in the hospital, and I called the midwife and I said ‘There’s something gone wrong, they’ve sewn my head onto the wrong body.’”
She also admitted she was sort of recognised by one of her nurses: “One day I went for an appointment and the nurse said to me, ‘You look like a chubbier Paloma Faith’ and I was like ‘People say that a lot,’” she giggled.
On her new music, Paloma said she wrote the album for her child: “It’s a socio-political commentary record because, I’ve always been of that way inclined but I feel like when you become a parent you look less at yourself and you look more at the world. I think my album is me saying what’s beautiful and what’s terrible about the world to this child, and apologising that it’s not all ready for them when they arrived all perfect and great as it could be.”
She continued: “As I was recording I was pumping breastmilk and the producer I was working with at the time was like, ‘Shall we sample that because it’s so familiar?’”
“We could do some rap on that!” Mel added.
Paloma laughed: “I really just want to say how much I hate pumping breast milk and I am so glad that I’m not doing it anymore. It is absolutely delicious!”
Series overview
The Jonathan Ross Show is back for a brand new series this autumn on ITV.
The last series uncovered a host of exclusives from the world of showbiz and sport including a rare and exclusive interview with pop icon, Britney Spears.
Members of Team GB joined the sofa, including Olympic couple Laura Trott and Jason Kenny, plus the young cast of one of the most talked about TV series, Stranger Things, were welcomed on to the show.
Plus Hollywood stars such as Michael Douglas, Amy Schumer, Riz Ahmed Renee Zellweger, Patrick Dempsey and John Malkovich all appeared on the show and were joined by some of the greatest music stars around; Little Mix and Robbie Williams to name a few.
Jeremy Clarkson also joined the show in his only UK interview around his new Grand Tour series plus music legend, Phil Collins, gave a rare and open interview when he joined Jonathan as a guest. 
Previous series have uncovered a host of one offs from the world of stage, screen and sport including a world exclusive interview with footballing champion, Cristiano Ronaldo and a one off special show with the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Acting legend Harrison Ford also joined Jonathan in his only sit down sofa chat around the eagerly anticipated release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens.
Jonathan will present the new series which will feature even more entertaining, open and exclusive interviews with stars from stage, screen, comedy and sport. There will also be performances from popular, current talent from the UK and across the pond.