Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad

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Series 5: Latin America
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Week 04 2023 : Sat 21 Jan - Fri 27 Jan

Wed 11 Jan 2023

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Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad

Bradley and Barney Walsh are back on the road for another epic road trip. This time they’re in for a real culture shock as they head further afield to Latin America. 

Episode 4: Nicaragua

The next leg of Bradley and Barney’s road trip takes them to Nicaragua, where they meet some colourful characters in the local market. They get a taste of the national sport when they join a professional baseball team, and with the country renowned for its volcanoes, what better way to see one then by sledging down it at speeds of up to 100 mph?  But with so many volcanoes in the country, the boys are on a quest to see bubbling lava, which sees them take one of their most dangerous and spectacular challenges, as they descend into an active volcano, which is better known to the locals as ‘the mouth of hell’.


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