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The Magaluf Weekender

  • Episode: 

    4 of 6

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    Tue 08 Oct 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 41 2013 : Sat 05 Oct - Fri 11 Oct
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The Magaluf Weekender is back for series two, with more fun-loving mischief and mayhem as eager holiday-makers hit the non-stop party resort of Magaluf, experiencing their first holiday as a group without their parents. 
On hand to ensure they have the weekend of their lives are our four holiday reps, Jordan, Imogen, Jaime-Leigh and flirtatious new boy, personal trainer Tobi.  
Each week, two sets of guests from across the UK check-in to the hotel to party away the weekend of their lives, under the watchful eye of the reps. With drinking games, fancy dress, seduction, friendships, fallouts and pranks a plenty, it’s set to be a hot, steamy summer to remember.  
In episode four, first to arrive are three wet-behind-the-ears boys from Kent, Jack, Louwrens and Sean. 
Sean has just turned 18 and has never been to a nightclub before in his life. He has left his girlfriend and love-of-his-life back at home to come and experience real nightlife for the first (and possibly last) time. These indie boys are unsure how ‘Maga’ they are, but are keen to give it their best shot!
Holidaying with the boys are joined-at-the-hip pair Bella and Chelsea from Essex. Bella is a former beauty pageant competitor who Jordan immediately crowns the ‘fittest guest’ they have ever had at the hotel. He plans to ‘graft’ like never before to make sure he gets his girl, although Bella is unconvinced due to Jordan’s reputation.
The first night out ends in an early finish as first-timer Sean struggles with the Maga madness and despite Jordan’s efforts, Bella manages to stick to her plan and keep him at arm’s length.
As the holiday continues, Jack shows off his Michael Jackson impersonation and ends up losing a bet and braving the strip in full makeup, while Andy Murray lookalike Louwrens ends up playing tonsil tennis. Jaime-Leigh and Tobi’s relationship continues to flourish, while Jordan takes Bella on a romantic date.
So, as the guests and reps party away the long weekend, will Sean make it through another night on the strip? And will Jordan ever get his girl?